European Superstate

30 09 2009

EU Gestapo - now with Intel Pentium 12

EU Gestapo - now with Intel Pentium 12

Commission’s own legal service expressed reservations about intervention in Ireland’s Lisbon campaign; French Europe Minister vows to push on with EU integration, regardless of Irish vote

Open Europe

Our Christmas Winterfest present will be the total takeover by the EU.  This time it won’t be stormtroopers or Gestapo but a simple signature behind closed doors along with pats on the back afterwards.  The numerous and very highly paid Common Purpose Stooges in every Public and Private sector (and Charities too!) imaginable, are all very well placed to support the motion (and keep dissent to a minimum).

Damn the EU, damn them all to hell!  I doubt we’ll even get an election.  Once the handover is completed, Mangledbum & Co will waltz off into the sunset aboard Rothchilds’ cruiser while the EU secures control.

Then it’s into the EU Police State 2.0

Those poxy swings and roundabouts.


Bremmer does Gordon singing Mika

29 09 2009

Sheer class.

Ground Zero 2 (possibly Iran?)

28 09 2009
How safe are you?

How safe are we?

A handy tool to find out how safe you’ll be if WWIII kicks off.  This version has  fallout range of WMDs also and can be found here (I tried “mashing it in” but all I got was fuzzy messages).

…possibly Iran?

Iran has tested a missile with a range of 2000km capable of reaching Isreal (and Iraq).  But if the Iranians have better submarines than those above, we may experiance a little tug ourselves.

At least we'll still have monsters like these for the years ahead

At least we'll still have monsters like these for the years ahead

Glad we’ve still got these until at least 2018…  We may need to use them afterall.  Still, maybe it’s a set-up.  Brown doesn’t plan to have a General Election, the Irish will be ignored again, another BIG thing will happen and the riegns of control will probably fall to some faceless dictator with a dozen front men to lead the masses to the trenches once more.  Swings and roundabouts is what one of my pals tells me…  I think I know what he means but he drinks less than me even though he has more cash than me thanks to his pension and free travel, I doubt I’ll even get the free travel the path this Nation is taking.  But the scariest thought I’m having is not only Our Armies under EU command but also OUR nukes…  Imagine that, mo Armarda needed then, just a threat of anniliation and bang, domination of a nation.

So Remember Who Allowed This

Imagine the EU with not only OUR Armies but also OUR nukes!?!

Imagine the EU with not only OUR Armies but also OUR nukes!?!

Up Yours!!!

Feck off!!!

So we need to vote NO every chance we get and re-assert Our Rights as Human Beings before it’s too late.  I think the Iranians can be negotiated with just like every other Nation but we must understand that however terrible Nuclear Weapons are, they are Our Final Line of Defence and one heck of a detterent against any enemy advance.  If Nuclear Anniliation frightens youas much as it frightens me remember we’ve had nuclear weapons over 50yrs and that is what has deterred WW3 so far…  but as I wrote, these beasts have no morals so who can really be sure except those in the know (and I’m certainly clutching at straws here).

Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worse.

And if we have to, tell Iran (or even the

EU if needs be)  to…

UAF (Union of Arrogant Fascists)

27 09 2009

The dreaded Unite Against Fascism…  a terror organisation that has been causing nothing but mischief, not only to the BNP but to the democratic process itself.  These are the new fascists that Churchill warned about.  They scream fascist at everyone who disagrees with them hoping to distract the attention from their own fascism.  Time to end this terror organisation.

Couldn’t put it better myself.  Many thanks to nz2K2.

What they'll have you believe

What they'll have you believe

What the REALLY do

What they REALLY do

My understanding of Fascism

26 09 2009
The Old Face of Fascism

The Old Face of Fascism

Seeing as I briefly mentioned Fascism in my last post I think it best to expand my perspective of it.  Fascism as I see it, is simply the concentration of power.  Political, economical and judicial power all under one group’s control.

I feel I have always lived under fascism seeing as the older I get, the less rights I seem to have and the more laws I have to follow.  Our democracy as it is isn’t fair, representative or honest in any manner fit to be called democracy and hasn’t been far longer than most can remember.  Where we were once ruled by Lords and Barons,  we are now ruled over by unelected “Public Servents” in the shape of Quangos, Special Advisors and Corporate Partners more numerous than at any other time in our history.  And who is exactly in command of this army of mini-Hitlers’…  for it certainly isn’t us proles!

The Ruling Parties have all played their part in this.  Some are even signatories of the State sponsored UAF who are also part funded by the SWP so I am led to believe, a group whose primary mission (well, only mission) is to “Smash the BNP”.  They scream “racist”, “fascist” or “nazi” (homophobe, xenophobic and I’m sure their PR department are coming up with more as I type) at anyone who disagrees hoping to stifle debate but also as a clever ploy to divert attention from their own fascistical deeds.

Two recent event that highlights the one law for us, another for them is the current case being heard in the court.  Here We have had members of the public arrested by Police for having a heated conversations about religion where a muslim is offended.  Compare that to those who openly preached hatred towards our Nation who were given Police protection!

The second case involves Baroness Scotland and her hiring of an illegal immigrant as her cleaner.  The usual fine is £10,000 but titled subject only got a £5,000 penalty charge and is still in her job.  She broke the Law she helped create then gets half the fine that the usual penalty demands.

The New Faces of Fascism

The New Faces of Fascism

We are ruled by pointless laws made by pointless people.  Who would hire any of these so-called honourable people to do a real job?  They’re incapable of doing the simplest tasks, hence the reason for so many advisors, secretaries and family aides they seem to take everywhere they go.  They’re only good enough for the brown-nosing and whoring that only a certain type of vagabond is capable of and only what the Elite expect.

They stopped listening to us proles after the war.  They didn’t listen much before but at least we only had to flex our muscles to London to show our disdain, can you imagine marching towards Brussels?  Would the EU even allow it?

We were on the right path before the Wars of the last century but the Powers that Be were never going to relinquish their power so they made plans.  One of their latest plans put into action lately is Common Purpose headed by Julia Middleton which was operating from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office (although this is the official site which is scary enough with all the techno babble there).  This organisation is simply preparing aspiring leaders in all fields for their post-democratic future.  This is how confident they are in succeeding in installing outright fascism.

So we have always been on the march towards fascism.  Our leaders have learnt from history and know what not to do and while they’re still figuring what to do, if they accomplish that, boy will it be bad for us proles.

EU Lisbon Treaty – Ireland’s X-Factor

26 09 2009
Irish Vote


The EU forces the Irish to the polls soon to try and ratify the EU constitution Lisbon Treaty…  as in the European Councils’ collective mindset; the Irish didn’t understand the question the first time round so they’ve simplified it.

Most people in the real world (the one that isn’t financed by the State) see the EU for what it is.  It is liberal fascism, plain and simple.  The Corporations are in love with the idea as it’ll be no more entertaining a mass of nations, instead only having to bribe/install/blackmail an EU delegation.  The Politicians love the idea as it means an end to those pesky elections.  The Islamists love the idea as they get to spread their religion worldwide, even if it means causing what our media calls “tensions” and they call “Jihad”.

In fact, the only people who love the EU are those that benefit most from it.  It is all us poor souls in the real world that have to face increased taxation, decreased rights and even less accountability from our so-called Public Servants.  Everything for them and theirs’ is tax deductible or can be claimed on expenses, leaving them needing to find more and more ingenious ways of extracting what little cash we have left.

The European Union is neo-fascism.  How else could they have got this far without being so since its inception?  They have constantly lied at each and every stage and will continue to do so.

They will lie again.  This Treaty is the finalization of the EU Superstate.  Once they ratify this, it gives the European Union “Sovereignty” in its own right.  The Sovereignty to not only make new laws but to repel old laws, such as any concessions made.  We will become nothing more than a Police State.

Be brave Ireland and say No once more to tyranny.  If being ruled by London was bad enough, think what these EU bastards could be capable of.

Two blogs that cover the EU much better than I could ever dream of is Follow the Money and EU Referendum, everything you need to know regarding how the Courruptibles in the EU throw money at each other like monkeys throw faeces.

An introduction…

24 09 2009
This is what I am!

This is what I am!

I’m pissed at everything.  From the closure of the pubs to the never ending stream of migrants and worse of all the relentless march into the EU Superstate.  How can we be a democracy if Our Government can give away our freedom like that?  The whores who call themselves honourable have sold us out and expect us all to bend over reapplying the lube.  And Our Once Proud People reduced to being shouted down as xenophobes and bigots if we so much as criticize it.  The Masters’ of the Universe want total control of this earth.  They control the Political Pantomime we call Democracy and the Chinese call Communism and the Iranians call Theocracy but in reality all are just old fashioned fascism that has evolved.

As Newton said in some of his speeches, his knowledge was built on previous scholars’ works and so it would seem the same for Our Masters who have learnt from the greatest Rulers the world has ever produced.  The Powers that Be are on a quest to rule ththe earth and i doubt they’ll respect our rights if they do get their grubby little hands on all that power.

I’m voting BNP for many reasons.  The main being that I want out of the EU and the sooner the better.  And if it wasn’t the BNP I’d vote for LPUK or an independent (although the English Democrats arn’t too bad).  If I had to choose between the Lib/Lab/Con candidates or a plank of wood, I’d vote for the wood.

Nationalism saves Nations – Internationalism destroys them.

Vote for anyone apart from the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives or Labour and we may be able to avert the EU Superstate…  nothing else matters for once those bastards sign us into that shit, it won’t matter what we want.  Once the Elite get that power we’ll be lucky if they let us mere plebs live.