An introduction…

24 09 2009
This is what I am!

This is what I am!

I’m pissed at everything.  From the closure of the pubs to the never ending stream of migrants and worse of all the relentless march into the EU Superstate.  How can we be a democracy if Our Government can give away our freedom like that?  The whores who call themselves honourable have sold us out and expect us all to bend over reapplying the lube.  And Our Once Proud People reduced to being shouted down as xenophobes and bigots if we so much as criticize it.  The Masters’ of the Universe want total control of this earth.  They control the Political Pantomime we call Democracy and the Chinese call Communism and the Iranians call Theocracy but in reality all are just old fashioned fascism that has evolved.

As Newton said in some of his speeches, his knowledge was built on previous scholars’ works and so it would seem the same for Our Masters who have learnt from the greatest Rulers the world has ever produced.  The Powers that Be are on a quest to rule ththe earth and i doubt they’ll respect our rights if they do get their grubby little hands on all that power.

I’m voting BNP for many reasons.  The main being that I want out of the EU and the sooner the better.  And if it wasn’t the BNP I’d vote for LPUK or an independent (although the English Democrats arn’t too bad).  If I had to choose between the Lib/Lab/Con candidates or a plank of wood, I’d vote for the wood.

Nationalism saves Nations – Internationalism destroys them.

Vote for anyone apart from the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives or Labour and we may be able to avert the EU Superstate…  nothing else matters for once those bastards sign us into that shit, it won’t matter what we want.  Once the Elite get that power we’ll be lucky if they let us mere plebs live.




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