EU Lisbon Treaty – Ireland’s X-Factor

26 09 2009
Irish Vote


The EU forces the Irish to the polls soon to try and ratify the EU constitution Lisbon Treaty…  as in the European Councils’ collective mindset; the Irish didn’t understand the question the first time round so they’ve simplified it.

Most people in the real world (the one that isn’t financed by the State) see the EU for what it is.  It is liberal fascism, plain and simple.  The Corporations are in love with the idea as it’ll be no more entertaining a mass of nations, instead only having to bribe/install/blackmail an EU delegation.  The Politicians love the idea as it means an end to those pesky elections.  The Islamists love the idea as they get to spread their religion worldwide, even if it means causing what our media calls “tensions” and they call “Jihad”.

In fact, the only people who love the EU are those that benefit most from it.  It is all us poor souls in the real world that have to face increased taxation, decreased rights and even less accountability from our so-called Public Servants.  Everything for them and theirs’ is tax deductible or can be claimed on expenses, leaving them needing to find more and more ingenious ways of extracting what little cash we have left.

The European Union is neo-fascism.  How else could they have got this far without being so since its inception?  They have constantly lied at each and every stage and will continue to do so.

They will lie again.  This Treaty is the finalization of the EU Superstate.  Once they ratify this, it gives the European Union “Sovereignty” in its own right.  The Sovereignty to not only make new laws but to repel old laws, such as any concessions made.  We will become nothing more than a Police State.

Be brave Ireland and say No once more to tyranny.  If being ruled by London was bad enough, think what these EU bastards could be capable of.

Two blogs that cover the EU much better than I could ever dream of is Follow the Money and EU Referendum, everything you need to know regarding how the Courruptibles in the EU throw money at each other like monkeys throw faeces.




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4 11 2009

Although I understand there were pluses and minuses discussed in the ratification debate, I want to congratulate my European friends and say, chins up! It is difficult indeed to get unanimity among so many governments. I think it shows strength in Europe. If I haven’t disgusted you sufficiently already, I recommend the following post,

4 11 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

So you reckon having unelected and unaccountable people in Charge of us is the right way to go?
Democracy may be bad but fascism is worse and that is what the EU is, fascist.
So long as I live I shall not submit to the European Council or their unlawful laws as they have lied to me more than once and I’m no fool and so I do not trust them. It is as simple as that.

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