European Superstate

30 09 2009

EU Gestapo - now with Intel Pentium 12

EU Gestapo - now with Intel Pentium 12

Commission’s own legal service expressed reservations about intervention in Ireland’s Lisbon campaign; French Europe Minister vows to push on with EU integration, regardless of Irish vote

Open Europe

Our Christmas Winterfest present will be the total takeover by the EU.  This time it won’t be stormtroopers or Gestapo but a simple signature behind closed doors along with pats on the back afterwards.  The numerous and very highly paid Common Purpose Stooges in every Public and Private sector (and Charities too!) imaginable, are all very well placed to support the motion (and keep dissent to a minimum).

Damn the EU, damn them all to hell!  I doubt we’ll even get an election.  Once the handover is completed, Mangledbum & Co will waltz off into the sunset aboard Rothchilds’ cruiser while the EU secures control.

Then it’s into the EU Police State 2.0

Those poxy swings and roundabouts.




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