Moderate Muslims marching against Shaira…

30 10 2009

Is this the reformation that I thought not possible?  Well, going by their website, it isn’t…

The old saying “no such thing as a free lunch” comes to mind, especially looking at what British Muslims for Secular Democracy aims are (the following taken from their website).

bmsd aims to:

  • Raise awareness within British Muslims and the wider public, of democracy particularly ‘secular democracy’ helping to contribute to a shared vision of citizenship (the separation of faith and state, so faiths exert no undue influence on policies and there is a shared public space).

Okay, so far so good, not even I can argue with that.

  • Encourage religious understanding and harmony, respect for different systems of beliefs, and encourage an understanding and celebration of the variety of Muslim cultures, values and traditions which are present in British society.

Here we go, why oh why should I be expected to understand, respect or celebrate Islamic culture I don’t know.  Understanding Islam is difficult as some say it’s the Relgion of Peace while some actions I’ve seen have been anything but peaceful.

bmsd will achieve this by:

  • Facilitating discourse and raising awareness of democracy particularly ‘secular democracy’ and its benefits.

So wish to engage with those that want Sharia, tell them they have a vote and then hope they buy into the secular motion of it…  excuse my lack of faith but surely the last thing we want to do is encourage these vagrants to vote.  Shahid Malik got in that way.

  • Facilitating broad and enlightened theological discourses, to enable British Muslims and the wider public to be better informed about the Islamic faith.

More promotion of Islam, especially their “enlightened theological” crap.

  • Raising awareness of religious influence on UK domestic and foreign policies, particularly those which may lead to undue effect on civil liberties.

Wait a minute, didn’t they want a secular society?  Now they wish to talk about religious influences on UK policies…  confusing to say the least.

  • Addressing Islamophobia and prejudice against Muslims and Muslim communities.

Oh yeah, those poor muslims, we must remember them in all this.

  • Working with UK and global Muslim and other organisations, opposing radicalism and intolerant beliefs.

So not just trying to reform Islam here but worldwide…  good luck against the Suadis.

  • Ensuring that politicians and community leaders encourage and practise transparency and ensure legitimate voting practices are followed.

Again, good luck against NuGov.

  • Engaging with marginalised Muslim communities, helping to identify root causes of deprivation and social exclusion, and help work towards a solution.

So more money given to immigrant layabouts, yeah, that’ll solve the problem (although create resentment, but I’m sure their confident that the Islamophobia counter-strategy will work).

  • Providing a lively and interesting social/educational programme which showcases the variety of Muslim histories, cultures, values and traditions in the UK today.

More education on Islam, boy, we won’t have much time to learn anything else at this rate.

  • Be responsive to the changing needs and pressures on succeeding generations of British Muslims and adjust and add to its programmes and projects accordingly.

Great, as time progresses and they achieve little victory after little victory, a stroke of a pen and presto, Sharia Law is the new project and voting is the way to achieve it.  Now let me remind myself.  This is a Christian based Country and going by recent history, even though it is usually the few fanatics, in every Nation that has a sizable Muslim population, it inevitably has problems.  Now okay, maybe we can laugh this off but if we cannot, then what?

st-george-grace-of-godTtomorrow will see the Islam4UK group exercising their Freedom of Expression to call for Sharia Law to be installed.  Not only that though but also the overthrow of the Crown and all Her Institutions.  In a nut-shell, they’re calling for the end of democracy and the beginning of a theocracy.  Even though there are less than 2 million muslims in Britain, even if say 10% of them decided to march and demanded Sharia, surely that just can’t do.  And while the EDL have a prior arrangement in Leeds. the Casuals have stated they will make themselves heard in London opposing this march.  The big question mark about the Islam4UK’s Freedom of expression that calls for the overthrow of the Queen is surely a crime and I only hope our thin blue line show the same hospitality to them as they do to us Millwall hooligans fans

Oh well, these are interesting times.  I may have to have a gander myself at the mayhem that will surely happen if our Police stand idley by.  For the Casuals will be waiting at Trafalgar Square and will not take too kindly of having to defend themselves, especially when the Police already have a cast-iron reason to arrest all those Sharia Law Lovers and tried for sedition, treason or just plain old public disorder.  Something just doesn’t feel right about this at all.

Be lucky one and all.  I think we’ll need it.


"Islam4UK & the Casuals, Christmas all in one, all that overtime"


Nick Griffin MEP: Trafalgar Club speech 2009

30 10 2009

British National Party Leader, Nick Griffin speech in Hertfordshire.  Parts One to Five, special thanks goes to JustProud for uploading this.  Well worth the time to watch and see that Nick Griffin has taken the BNP to new heights and has managed not only to change the Party’s image but the actual behaviour of most of it’s members (although we have all had one two many sometime and renacted the Fawty Towers goose-step joke).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

This is why I’m voting British National Party.

Back to common sense.  Here is a brave man, he could’ve been a Tory and milking the system but he said no.  He has seen the ghettos and sink estates, the widening rich / poor gap, the Globalisation of Labour and worst of all, the displacement of his less well-off kinsmen that had no voice in the matter.  And if spoke up were vilified with name-calling and coming soon from the European Council, a Hate Bill that may even see most of us arrested.  The problem is power is getting concentrated away from us.  Soon we will be a vassal of European Feudal Law, nothing but serfs to the State, although the amount of tax I pay, it seems it may have already happened.

Vote anyone except the Big Three, the Three Stooges, the Spawn of Satan’s worst curry night in the history of curry nights!  Those filthy Liberal Democrats, full of perverts, drunks, more perverts, crooks and thieves.  Nor those vermin dogs of the Labour Party, with them it feels like a decade of back-breaking hard labour.  Although these have not only crooks, cheats, liars, dodgy members, MI5 filed ministers, perverts, more crooks and Lord Fucking Cunting Mangledbum!  Lest we forget the devious Rothschild front, the Conservatives, who for some reason believe it is their birthright to sit on leather chairs and talk bollox all day.  The cunts!  And for the Tories on the take, just put a blindfold on and point at any of them and you’ll have a 90% chance of picking one.

If our Polichickens won’t do the honourable thing, it’s our duty to ensure voting them out for those who will make it a manifesto promise of pushing for major investigations of the relationships of the Corruptibles and their acolytes.  Corruption in a public office should have the carry of the death penalty (although of course can be commuted).  Justice must be served.


"I think ACPO will be worried if Nick gets in, along with Common Purpose"



Is Cameron chickening out?

30 10 2009

David Cameron is set to announce within days that he will not call a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if he takes power and it is already law.

So thinks Joe Murphy, Political Editor of the London Evening Standard

A vote for the Conservatives, Labour or the poxy Liberal Democrats is a vote for the European Council.  We need them all out.  Old Holborn and Ranting Rab are quite rightly raging against our crooked Government. Even if we vote them out the Banks are going to squeeze us for all the debts the Corruptibles lumbered us with.

In the words of my father…



"We're all going on an European tour, a European tour!"

Times columnist, we should support a president Blair

30 10 2009

thanks to Liarpolitians for uploading this.

I really don’t know what the fuck these people are talking about.  I hear the words, I can put them together and get sentences but for the love of God, Michael Portillo highlights that we’re moving away from Our Democratic Institutions into the arms of the “undemocratic” European Union.

“Undemocratic”…  if it isn’t democracy what the fuck is it then?  For I can only assume if it isn’t democratic then is must be fascist.

Bastards!  The lot of em!


"Soon we'll be the Euro Police so enjoy your freedom while you can"


Jackie “Jackboot” Smith on Question Time

30 10 2009

thanks to Liarpolitians for uploading this.

Jackie “Jackboot” Smith – absolute bitch that she is trying to wiggle out of it.  And they wonder why we hate them?  £116,000 for Christ’s sake!  That’s more than the taxes I’ve paid in the system!  Gone, just like that!  Why the fuck am I paying taxes when this hairy runt is pocketting it!?!

I’m not a violent man (except Millwall away games of course but that’s different), yet I would pound the living shit out of that fat pig Jackie!

If you’d like to see her swing from the gallows, vote BNP.  If you can’t stomach that, vote anyone except the Conservatives, Labour or Liberal Democrats.

We want Our Country back!


"Jackie "Jackboot" Smith is our hero"

BBC in race row and here is the chocolate hobnob video

29 10 2009

Not Nick Griffin but the Beebs’ very own Mr Nice.  Thanks to FreeSpiiriit for capturing this, tough luck Bullshit-Broadcasting-Craporation.


"Another hate crime, let's go!"

This is how you rage

29 10 2009

From Drinkingwithbob