British Breakdown

1 10 2009

The sickening state of our nation.

Sapper Matthew West, 20, Hero

Sapper Matthew West, 20, Hero

Hero soldier who lost three limbs in Afghanistan taunted about his disabilities by teenagers


Disabled pensioner who prodded stone-throwing hoodie in the chest is prosecuted for ASSAULT

Showing that in todays’ Britain, RESPECT and COMMON-SENSE is dead.  Here, fight for your Country and you are open to abuse in the street.  Stand your ground and raise your voice to a vagrant, get arrested, charged and convicted of assault.  This Nation has gone mad.  We are ruled by natures worst who then build up a dependency vote of the unemployable.  Probably the only reason the State is the biggest employer in Britain as it as hell hasn’t improved the Public in either Service or Democracy.

Sometimes, I’m ashamed to be British…  then I remember that this isn’t the British way for we were once proud and industrious people.  Today’s Britain is where everyone has rights yet no responsibility thanks to those who “know better” living in their parralel uniberse to the rest of us.  Everything has been turned upside down to confuse and infuriate the few law abiding people there is and even now, they’re working on more laws to criminalize and persecute them.  All this is the doing of the whores in Parliament who are all given their orders from the Whip – but who is the Top Boss?  You, the electorate?  Or Special Interest Groups?  FACT The Rothschild’s Foundation has donated £1m+ to the Conservatives in 2008 alone although I’m sure an International Family wouldn’t plan any nefarious overtures anymore than Mr Farsi or Mr Rowland.

We need a REAL democracy with REAL representation for the people.  For that to happen we need a complete clear out so we can replace them with REAL people.  Then we can have REAL investigations of the warmongering, arms running and all the other criminal acts Our So-Called Betters have committed in our name.  A few dozen accountants and lawyers to dig through everything, then we can have REAL justice.

Renate Bowling, 71, Covicted of Assualt

Renate Bowling, 71, Covicted of Assualt

We have an Army that isn’t cared for or respected by our Politicians and so the sheeple follow.  The same goes with the general perception from the underclass that if the Political leaders are taking it easy at taxpayer expense, so shall they.  On top of this we have the Police force Service and Court of justice Law that is devoid of common sense although fill that vast vacuum with an infinite number of Laws.  Time and again our resources are wasted on frivolous cases while others are discarded with little more than an apology and “lessons learned” speech…  should this even need printing in the Express? Do they need to be constantly reminded to POLICE MUST GET BACK TO PROTECTING THE INNOCENT.  I for one expected more from the Thin Blue Line, alas though that too many forces Services have been infected with Common Purpose Graduates.  This makes this a Stasi-type Service (£5,000 per day investigating the where the expenses leak came from is a good example) and a data gathering agency, mostly interested in chasing targets and ticking boxes, too busy to actually investigate crimes, let alone try to deter them from happening in the first place!  And being the slightly cynical creep I am, maybe the more crime there is, the opportunity for more funding???

Our decline into nothing more than a North-Western Floating Gulag could not have happened without the help of those “British” Stooges who we seem powerless to stop, even now after 30 years of a slow jog into tyranny, their grip around our necks slowly tighten.  Even now, these stooges plan their profit from our coming destruction.  For years the US harped on about Iraq and everyone thought it was piss and wind, then when it happened, pure shock and awe.  It’s been more than 30 years for Iran and we all know how well sanctions will work, especially when those sanctioned have backing from Beijing and Moscow.  And what’s different here is the vast oil said countries need.  Embargoes are an act of war and I don’t expect the Iranians to see it any differently either (in videos from earlier post).  The Isreali’s won’t stand for it and are not known for their patience in such matters.

These are interesting times we’re living, in the dawn of a new era and all taken out of our hands.

House of Horrors

House of Horrors




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