A Dark Day for Democracy

3 10 2009

After the Irish vote YES…  I would say they were bullied, bribed, blackmailed and probably even threatened (although this is Europe, so it would’ve have been done with a bit of class at the very least) into voting yes.  £170,000s’ worth of EU funding for a pullout available in every newspaper espousing the joys and wonders of the EU, a few days before the referendum, all-expense MEPs flown in and the sheer scare-mongering of the “job market”…  oh well, the Irish caved into pressure and voted for the Lisbon Constitution Treaty with 67% in favor.  Another step towards enslavement.  A little over 1.6 million people voted yesterday, that’s 58% of the 3 million eligible.  Vote counting started at 9:14am and finished at 4:42pm Saturday 3rd October with the result declared triumphantly by the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, the Swedish Foreign (Serving) Minister Carl Bildt, the European Commission (Paper) President Jose Manuel Barroso and are even given blessing by the real power behind the throne, with this snippet from the (Brussels) Beeb;

The EU Commission called it a “vote of confidence” in the EU.  Nearly all member states have ratified Lisbon.

Those other “member states” stalling the ratification process is Poland and the Czech Republic although President Lech Kaczynski is expected to sign in the next few days which will just leave the Czechs.  Even this won’t stand in the way as the President Vaclav Klaus has been waiting for the Constitutional Court to approve the validity before he signs it and has told the BBC it was “too late” now for the British people to do something about the treaty.  This very treaty which will give the EU Commission the power to;

  • Change any “grantee” promised to the Nations with a stroke of a pen by amending, repelling or inventing new EU Laws.
  • Send the “member states'” Armed Forces wherever it chooses, even to quell anti-EU dissent in the EU.
  • End to Nationalist and Independence Parties seeing as they fuel anti-EU unrest and are a threat to the EU’s Sovereignty.
  • Compel “member states” to implement EU taxation, in essence, placing all our monetary might into the hands of the Unelectable.
  • Install a “President” along with “Foreign Dignitaries”, a de facto puppet regime exactly like the Soviets, doing the bidding of the mysterious Council.

Welcome to Tyranny

The EU Commission (can anyone remember voting for them?) will not let anything get in the way for their plan for domination.  We’re are fucked beyond belief.  I feel in as if I’m witnessing my Nation falling into the abyss with everything I hold dear on it.

A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for the EU.

A chilling warning

A chilling warning




2 responses

5 10 2009
Goodnight Vienna

Thanks for the link – have reciprocated.

5 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Many thanks, have read yours with envy and am sure I’ve commented before (nice though, I was most probably inebriated and I’m a happy drunk I assure you).
Long may freedom of expression live*!

*unless criminally insane of course, that Brown seems odd.

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