Diversity / Multiculture

3 10 2009
Diversity of the World

Diversity of the World

Diversity can lead to all many problems so why the Government insist on importing as many different cultures is surely not for humanitarian or economic reasons, otherwise it’ll be managed more appropriately.  No, diversity leads to division and unless the people have a common goal, friction will always arise.  Especially if one group is perceived to have it a little better than the other.  Why was there so much hostility from the lower classes towards the upper classes if not for the envy men feel.

And so in the greater scheme of things, my own thoughts are that these newcomers, however noble their intentions, have only been encouraged here to destabilize our democracy ready for the EU takeover.  Far fetched maybe?  Well, maybe.  But look around the world and see what happens when cultures clash, death and destruction affect the area calling for more draconian measures until one day, we wake up and find UN troops patrolling the streets trying to keep the tribal militias in check…   although in practice, neither patrol the streets or control the militias.

Can’t happen here?  I bet they said that in Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Cambodia.




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