BNP Democracy Policy (Youtube video)

5 10 2009

The British National Party Policy from the horse’s mouth brought to us by JustProud1.

Democracy is a British tradition, one that the BNP fully supports.

The EU are the biggest threat to freedom. They wish to install a president without Our say, now that is a fascist dictatorship.

Time to put all party affiliation aside and promote each-others’ causes (leaving the EU) while attacking those treasonous snakes that have sold our livelihoods to the monstrous muncher of Nations, the European Commission.  The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour EU stooges have brought us to our knees for this purpose and while they’re at the helm, we are powerless, voicless and worse of all, sitting ducks for any tom-foolery they plan.

Vote the same, get the same.  Vote for the Big Three, end with the Big One.

A coalition of all the fringe parties to pool manpower to oversee the vote counting as we need to cover them all.  After the Irish referendum, the votes should be counted as soon as possible, instantaneous if possible and each hall should have at least 5 independent supervisors as time and again, the Big Three have proved incapable of being trusted with such matters.

Still, these are ideas for others as I am not affiliated to any Party (…yet) so hold no sway.  I’ve got most of my family (anything to shut me up) and friends (three people so that wasn’t difficult) on my side but not enough for a popular movement (fashion is a bit too exotic in Peckham for my liking sadly so that isn’t an option).

Peckham Library - nice building, shit area!

Peckham Library - nice building, shit area!

My best chance of winning a seat here in Peckham is to legalize marijuana (a small but promotional, think of the headlines, 10% of the vote) and offer an amnesty to all illegal immigrants (where do you think these people stay?  With family who, with a promise like that, probably 40% would vote for me).  I’d also have to change my name to Seeme Handi and wear a curtain but 50% of the vote and Har-Man will be out on her ear.  I could even get a local witch doctor to shrink her head.  Or is that Amazonian witch doctors…  I best take both doctors with me if I do push ahead with this plan.




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