Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC)

5 10 2009
Maurice Kirk, sectioned by FTAC

Maurice Kirk, sectioned by FTAC

Brought to my attention by the wonderful people at the UK Column is the plight of Maurice Kirk, a “political activist” who has been sectioned under the special powers provided by the FTAC.  After a little digging it is clear he is not insane so the only other reason they’re holding him is because his a nuisance (and that surely isn’t a crime otherwise Prescott would be serving several consequtive life sentences at Wandsworth).  This special unit was dubbed the Stalker Squad by the Daily Mail (the Times did but the link is dead).  More about this squad and it’s purpose can be found at Elementals Alternative News Blog.

A brief update on the current stats from David Hanson, Minister of State from the Ministry of Justice who on 10th June 2009 confirmed;

“Since 2006, when FTAC began operation, 246 people have been detained under the Mental Health Act following a referral from FTAC and a subsequent decision by local health services. No individual has received a custodial sentence as a result of FTAC involvement.”


“FTAC does not detain individuals as a routine part of its work. Staff have assisted in conveying 27 people to a “place of safety””

blah blah…

“When FTAC identifies a person as being in need of mental health care, it alerts their general practitioner and local psychiatric services, which then provide whatever appropriate help in the community, or in hospital, they consider necessary, using appropriate existing legislation. These local services operate independently of FTAC and carry responsibility for any decisions made on patient care and treatment, including whether or not to detain the patient.”

As these assessments are carried out without FTAC involvement, no data about them are held.”

So out of so 246 detained, none, zero, zilch were jailed as a result.  In fact, they only helped the “conveying” 27 people to a”place of safety” as the rest of the time, a few simple phone calls and viola!  A nice new jacket with long sleeves to keep snug in the cold rubber cells for the unfortunate patient. And for how long, there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

Even more cheek is the Unit has entered an award.  It’s here ACPO Excellence in Policing Awards 2009 submission form, but I’ve highlighted the most important parts.  First their description;

We set up the first joint police/mental health unit in the country, under the auspices of the Protection Command.
The Unit is called the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. Its unique feature is the working together of police and
mental health workers in one team to research cases referred by police or the offices of protected persons, to
assess risk and to effect interventions. The case-workers have access to standard policing information resources.
In addition, the mental health staff have access to NHS databases. Because of their status as health workers, they
are able to acquire detailed medical information without infringing confidentiality restrictions. The combination of
police and health information permits a rapid and thorough assessment and risk evaluation, which allows the
formulation of a management plan. This may sometimes involve arrest, but in most cases involves catalysing rapid
mental health intervention by services in the relevant area, together with liaison with local police. The presence of
psychiatric staff in the team overcomes the barriers which police would normally face in such circumstances,
cutting straight through inter-agency red tape
. Cases are then followed up, often by visits to case conferences all
over the UK, until the risk is deemed low.

and the cost…

The main costs involved in running the unit comprise the salaries of police and mental health staff. The police staff
comprise a DCI, DI, DS, 5 DCs/PCs and a civilian office worker, paid at standard grades. The mental health staff
comprise four full-time community psychiatric nurses, two part-time consultant forensic psychiatrists and one parttime
clinical forensic psychologist, the total cost for these being £500,000. We were able to secure funding from the
Home Office for the police personnel and, remarkably, funds from the Department of Health for the Mental Health

yet a little more with their lessons learned…

Our project has taken matters one step further by creating a single police and mental health agency, situated within
the police force. This has largely succeeded in abolishing the difficulties encountered in working between agencies.
In particular, it has overcome the problem of confidentiality and enabled police to obtain fast and effective cooperation
from mental health agencies all over the United Kingdom.

We see our model as a prototype for possible future joint developments between police and mental health. Other
possible areas in which a similar model could be adopted include stalking and homicide prevention. It also points
towards the possibility of more widespread incorporation of mental health personnel in police units through the
embedding of community psychiatric nurses from local mental health trusts into borough and county forces.

The first paragraph is dressed up to cover the most important bit that it is simply used to cut through red-tape.  So if they haven’t enough evidence, not a problem, we’ll just have them sectioned until we can fabricate some (or at least till they’ve gone mad).  And in the second bit funnily enough, the cost given is a nice round half-million-quid…  that’s a lot of money for a bunch of Coppers and Doctors to be sitting in meeting rooms pouring scorn over the records of Mr & Mrs Political Inclined Person.  Even funnier is the word “remarkably” when discussing that their Partner in Crime this escapade has contributed with funding…  even though BOTH of these “Public Services” are financed by the public at least they’re sharing the “burden” of cost.  The final paragraph is the most shocking of all and needs particular attention.

Imagine not only having a Policeman there but also a Doctor, who with the simple act of signing a small A4 document could commit you if you did not submit to arrest.  A problem not just to the us plebs but even those who have accomplished their Freeman-on-the-Land claim.  Now that is scary.  Say you don’t “understand”, Dr Stooge signs you off and away you go for 6 weeks to think about it.  Say you do “undertsand” and off down the nick for a easy tick for the statistics.  Even worse, have a disagreement with a Public Official and who knows, with all the Common Purpose Graduates infesting the Police and Judiciary (how many in the Psyhciatric Business?), the damage that could be done (or contained depending which side of the Cell on your on) is amazing to say the least.

Rumors reverbrate across the net of various whistleblowers, acticvists and dissidents being hounded into mental institutions.  Not just China and Russia but our very own beloved Europe!  We are now fish in a barrell one and all.  They know where you live and work, where your other-half works and where the kids go to school.  When and where you go on your holidays.  They know so much about us making us all so powerless.  We need a Leader like Nelson once more, ready to give it his all, life and soul if needs be to protect the Nation’s interests.  For if we don’t, the EU will surely find a hero for us to their liking (think Tony Blair, just to rub salt into old wounds, those Frenchies sure know how to get revenge).

Enoch was wrong, Orwell was right…  Imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever!

Good luck and God bless to all the whistle blowers, the time to either repent or revolt is near although  my chances at getting a fair crack at either are pretty slim considering my unholy traits.  To everyone else in blog land, better stay away from the Doctors for a while, wouldn’t want to have to refill my blogroll, God forbid, might have to replace with Labourlist and the like!  They say knowledge is power.  That makes it a dangerous thing and our Masters have more of it than us.  Damn, just wished I could take a blue pill to forget all this kerfuffle (even a pint would do but I’m not paying £3+, I’m not the bloody Monopoly man!).  Still, we made our collective beds long before the internet when we began to think fo rourselves…  They still haven’t perfected their plan but are getting there slowly yet surely.




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15 10 2009
FTAC Watch

I have been on the receiving end of the abuse that the FTAC inflict upon people. They are a truly evil creation by the nuLieBore regime. It has become apparent that the Conservative fully intend to continue using them to detain ‘undesirables’. However, the current system relies on complicit doctors that have a loyalty to Labour to enable them to detain people. The Conservatives may find it harder to get the cooperation of doctors for their own brand of political detentions.

Once detained, there is no end to the lies and fabrications that the doctors will come out with. In my case the ‘doctor’, Ferdinand Jonsson, came out with claims and actions that were so ridiculous that the tribunal, which was deliberately chosen to be biased against me through selecting on that, was chaired by the wife of a Labour MP, ridiculed him with their questions and had no problem ordering my discharge.

I was abducted from my home and subjected to degrading treatment within the hospital system. However, there is no access to justice as the IPCC and the Healthcare Ombudsman deliberately refuse to seriously consider any complaints.

15 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

My heart goes out to you, indeed this is a very frightening situation ran by sinister forces.

The Big Three parties are all bought and paid for by the same hidden tyrants so it’ll only get worse. Until we have a totally new and independent Government, we will be seen as nothing more than cattle.

I’ve added you too my blog roll and when I have more time myself (making videos, blogs and leaving abuse on the web is time-consuming) will go through it more thoroughly.

This needs to be exposed at the highest level. And those who partake in such actions should be brought to account. They’re no better than the Nazi Dr’s of old and deserve to swing if found abusing their position, same as any public official should swing if found corrupted.

Otherwise they’ll end up like Lord Mangledbum – I reckon even if that dark queen was caught eating babies he’d get away with it the slimey bugger he is.

Take care and I wish you all the best.

6 01 2010

I’m still working this out. I think that the FTAC is essentially nothing more than what was already present in the system of most “developed” states. But in England someone sold the idea to Blair as an “extra” and it serves ostensibly as an anti-terrorist measure and it serves to justify what has been going on for many years anyway.

This is one of their strategies. The commenter above me and myself have been assaulted using ordinary existing legislation. I live in Australia so I wouldn’t be yelling, “The FTAC are after me” as I was dragged into the psych ward. I’m not trivializing Fixated, I understand the problem. He lives in Britain (fact) and the FTAC exists in Britain (fact).

Do you see what I’m getting at?

I think Fixated knows because I have emailed him and he is probably sent emails of this blogs comments. Hi Fixated.

Regards Rod.

6 01 2010
Jack the Ripper jr

I understand fully Rod and thanks for sharing.

For those at the top, nothing is sacred, not the truth nor the sanity that comes with it.

I shall always be keeping a close eye on these type of developments, I’ve read books regarding the old gulag systems of the Soviets and don’t fancy a return to them days.

6 01 2010

Maybe I’m being a little bit cryptic and was trying to attract intelligence by expressing succinctly and not being seen to be perseverate (which is a symptom of “mental illness”).

So I’ll provide a bit more of a clue.

If a person is interrogated by cops and psychtroopers for any reason, dubious or otherwise, it provides the cops and psychtroopers more scope. Simply by virtue of the fact that the idea and the fact of the FTAC exists.

All intelligent people would be well advised to consider the meaning and implications of the explicit non-usage of the word “scope”.

23 02 2010
Joan Iatridou

Mr Peckham,
This is your nickname by me, sort of,
I am one of those FTAC 246 customers I was targeted by them to be sectioned and messed up since the end of 2006 and yet, the injuries and harm done to me rate at number three from what I found out during 2009:

Number one punishment of a truth-seeker in the UK is not to me, but a Spanish woman who is to my knowledge the most cruelly punished target for seeking out the truth about terrorism news on the telly:
The entire UK needs to do publicity and fundraising for her case and affliction, so that it does not happen to UK citizens criticizing the UK authorities in future:this is a truly horrific story:
It is a Spanish woman who came to England to get a job and start a new life. Her name is Sofia Patino and she noticed that the Glasgow bombings on the telly news in 2007 were a fictional film with actors. Her data was indicating that the two Muslim doctors who were named as doers of a conspiracy to do a Glasgow bombing were no doctors but professional actors and that Glasgow bombings because of Islamic terrorism did not happen at all, it was all a fictional film made by the UK authorities to boost fear of terrorism.

When she emailed her findings to media and newspapers etc, -it was not her job, this is a difficult and challenging situation that needed research by Panorama, Jeremy Paxman, 60 minutes or some top research media player like them.
So, within a month after Sofia emailing the media about her findings and urging them to research the truth re. fake Glasgow Islamic bombings, she had a Hospital appointment where a fake doctor whose name cannot be found anymore, wanted to check her throat and nose and he used a tool that had a black liquid drop on it.

This drop was actually infecting her with PARASITES THAT EAT THE BRAIN, INTESTINE AND LIVER. A few months later, when these parasites grew in her body, she went to her country and the Brits being more powerful, called the Spanish to set her up as a lunatic.
In Spain, she was deceitfully offered help to go to a special Hospital to check her parasites and instead she was sectioned and put on all sorts of strong antipsychotic medications for 2 weeks to label her as a loony and then released on condition she keeps taking antipsychotic medications and denying that she had serious parasite infection afflictions.

She came back to Britain, where “mysteriously” she would land good jobs thanks to her skills and then get fired “mysteriously” within a weeks time so she ended up in Jobseeker benefit and being monitored and harassed 24/7.
She was arrested and jailed for a day in one set up case.

This month she went to Belgium and had Hospital checks and medications for the parasites there.
Here, the British authorities are trying to cut off her JSA on grounds that she is faking illness while the Belgian Hospital prescribed her medications to stop the expansion of the parasites but told her that for the BRAIN they got to cut her skull open and hand clean the parasites and this is the only way she can escape death. Medications cannot kill off parasites that eat up her brain.

There are many people that expressed criticism or suspicions about one thing or another, but I don’t know any more cruel lashback and censorship punishment than what was done to Sofia.

Me, I got slandered to the FTAC re. my blog twisting what I wrote there totally, so I was blasted with a directed energy weapon to cause me strong chest pains and dehydration, panic and cooking skin stinging eyes and then offered a ride to a Hospital to look after me, where I got sectioned and my brain BURNED with high power weapons, which I tested with the help of foreign doctors and repaired after I was released. I will talk with FTAC directly as they were passing down instructions based on Tadeuzs Szocik attitudes(one of the FTAC most challenging customers) and a real but fragile hero for malicious persecution targets and their instructions had nothing to do with my actual circumstances and nearly killed me in the process.

FTAC needs to publish an annual report who was sectioned, why and where is he, what is happening to him. It is a MUST, or they are actually cancelling out Habeas Corpus.

There is an extremely dirty agenda of a third party interfering with FTAC actions and decisions that needs to be discussed and stopped.

We need to know who are these 246 sectioned and what is going on with them now, in detail.

I do welcome feedback and discussion now, before I go abroad,

Well done for your post,

Joanna Iatridou

23 02 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Thank you for sharing.

I will look into it but cannot promise anything at this stage. I assure you though that I do suspect foul play with this FTAC due to the fact that it is secretive and, judging from the people I’ve been in contact with about this so far, very malicious.

But alas, I am but one man.

When I do find out something though, I have your email and will be sure to let you know.

Once more, thank you for your comment, I cannot even begin to comprehend what you have gone through. It is scary to think that such things are possible in the free world but the more I find out, the less inclined I am in actually believing that we are free.

God bless and I wish you all the best.

23 02 2010
Joan Iatridou

Mr Peckham,
why do I call you Mr Peckham and not Jack the Ripper Jr.
The reason is a book I read “Penetration” by Ingo Swann. This book exposes a big secret that when we went to the moon, we were told they don’t want us to go back there, because we are the most malicious HATERS,so bad that we are a security threat even to Satan.
Earth is a prison for HATERS and vindictive personalities and Mr Big Guy, Jesus father sent his beloved son to be sacrificed on planet Earth-Hate.
So the biggest action towards Earth Hate planet was to sacrifice the top Healer of all worlds to the hate thirst of the earth population. So the biggest action taken was to Love Bomb this planet of haters with a sacrifice of an innocent Healer that was raising the dead and healing the sick and preaching compassion. That’s why I consider that taking up weapons and arms that damage bodies will not work, Love bombing the planet will get better results. So no jack the ripper or any body-damage causing weapons please, let go they are obsolete if you intend to win this round.

Make friends and spread compassion and create communities where people truly care about each other. Weapons are so high tech that while you sleep your brain can be burned in 3-4 seconds at your home. This type of secret injury will land you seriously ill for at least two months. So after this high tech is being used to kick people out of jobs and power, in my estimate life priorities change:
First you got to make real friends that will care for you when ill or down.
Second you may hope for a job ,but may lose it due to harassment and ruthless attacks.
Third you got to help others and donate all you can spare to create a community that supports and cares for each other.
That’s what prosperity looks like with the weapons being deployed around.


Joanna Iatridou

23 02 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

You may be right in regards to the hate on earth but I’m a ying and yang person. Balance is key to the planet’s survival. And sadly, the emotion hate, although a force for evil can also be a force of good, for it releases tension. Of course, self control and restraint is needed but us humans are, well, human.

Our journeys all lead to the same place though and we shall all find peace one day. Sadly for most, it won’t be on this planet.

I actually remember something like that about the moon. Would explain why we haven’t gone back. Problem with us humans is we hardly know anything at all in the grand scheme of things.

On a side note, I chose the name Jack the Ripper Jr not only after the serial killer, who I do not hold a candle to in respect but for the simple reason that I too do not wish to be caught for my ‘crimes’ (sic). Also, I’m a massive fan of the moive “Dr Strangelove” (even bigger fan of Peter Sellers), and Jack D Ripper was a character in there who had such a relaxed attitude in the face of annihilation that I hope to be the same.

I’ve shortened it to Jack’d Ripp’d now due to originality.

Thanks for the comments but I really must go to bed, I’ve work tomorrow.

Good night and God bless.

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