Conservatives conserving themselves

6 10 2009


David Cameron is just another Blair clone.  Make the electorate think there is no other choice between the Big Three and time and again seek change but the only thing different about these are trivial things as each of them support a full handover to the EU and if you disbelieve me, since it’s creation, the EU has clawed more power from National Parliaments, not less.  Brown is holding out till the ratification is complete and Cameron is allowing it which goes to show just how committed the Conservatives are to the Nation.  I thought the Conservatives were meant to be in oppostition yet have supported this Government just as much as the Lib Dems.  After the ratification we could have a blind bull mastiff as PM due to the fact all our decisions will be made in Brussells.

Oh well, hope the freedom was worth it in the 60’s you damn lazy hippies…  we could’ve been living on Mars by now if you lot didn’t decide on a gap-decade.

Our next PM?  God have mercy!

Our next PM? God have mercy!




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