The Fascist European Union

7 10 2009

Now the Irish Referendum can be classed as a success, more and more reports of what it REALLY means to the World (yes, the World!) is revealed.

Tories face Lisbon referendum turmoil as the Czechs vow to ratify EU treaty by New Year (Daily Mail)

– That includes creating two new top EU jobs – the ‘President of Europe’ and ‘Foreign Secretary.’

EU draws up plans to establish itself as ‘world power’ (Daily Telegraph)

– A letter conferring a full “legal personality” for the Union has been drafted in order for a new European diplomatic service to be recognised as fully fledged negotiators by international bodies and all non-EU countries.

Blair would be a good choice for Europe (Financial Times)

– The title and that the writer is director of the Centre for European Reform should tell you all you need to know

Conservative conference at a glance: day two (the Guardian)

– How do the Tories get the subject of a referendum on the Lisbon treaty off the front pages? Telling the nation that the retirement age will rise to 66 within less than 10 years under a Tory government is one way to grab attention.

So this is what will happen.  The Treaty will be ratified.  The EU shall reign supreme, lording it over all the member states, implementing draconian laws knowing full well they can amend whatever they God damn please along the way to make sure it isn’t “illegal”.  A fully fledged Nation in it’s own right, Europe will install a President of it’s own choosing to override any ‘region’ representative.  It will command the armies of 27 ‘regions’ along with Britain and France’s nuclear arsenals (800+ warheads).  As our journey towards fascism is almost over and as we creep into the mammoth Machine that is the EU, the last of our hope of ever leaving it evaporates.

The “little parties” can once and for all end the domination of the “Liberal Elite”, the “Righteous”, the “Slavers” and the “Terrorists” by resigning all “ideals” till we kick out the Old through democracy and if that fails, God have mercy on our enemies for I shall show none if the Masters think this lamb will wander into slaughter.  We need a relentless push for a “In or Out” Referendum.  Every European National should be demanding one.  Our children’s futures are at stake.  Sure let’s be friends but surely we should keep our own houses otherwise the kids may not get on and the house will end up a shitheap.  Just pondering.  The only threat to Britain is the EU.  I really thought the Irish would vote No and save us the hard work that needs doing to unravel this European Ordeal.  Remember it is every Briton’s duty to stand against the usurpers.  If not, we will be in the hands of tyrants.

The Corporations won  WW2 – Our Rulers have built their power using the techniques of past Dictators repackaged as anti-fascism, pro-gay to appeal and vilify and confuse just so the Corporations can rule in the shadows.  This Powerful Shadow Government will not make the same mistakes as those that came before it – so that means we’ll have to find new mistakes otherwise the whole concept of freedom will be changed forever.  We may not win but we can at least make it as uncomfortable as possible for them.




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