The Positive Side of European Tyranny

7 10 2009

seeing as I’ve been pretty nasty to the monolithic almighty and all powerful entity that is the European Union/Commission/Mafia I thought it right to put across the benefits of such an arrangement.

  • Instead of worrying about work we can all sponge of the State in some sort of Workfare/Community/Gulag scheme.
  • The end of bad health with harsh fitness regimes in the institutions mentioned above.  No more fatties!
  • Again, due to food shortages due to the “sponging” and mass immigration, it’ll help us in the fight against fatties.
  • No more Pop music.  The Nazi’s never had it, the Koreans haven’t got it although I’ve heard the Chinese like that sort of thing but they’re commies-come-capitalists so are just plain confused I guess – reminds me of a LGBT dude in decision time, to snip or not to snip.
  • An end to voting, that tiresome effort that oh so many peasants can’t be bothered with, everything decided by a wise and righteous Council.
  • No more European Wars…  instead we can attack places like Morocco and Libya under the pretext that Malta has been invaded.  Why not, they didn’t mind sending our Great-Grandfathers over the top to be shot down by machine gun fire then, shouldn’t be no different now.
  • Everything taken care of by the State.  Had enough of life.  No?  Well, the State thinks so and to make sure we don’t go over our EU carbon points have decided to send everyone over 50 on their way with dignity.
  • Can’t look after the kids, don’t worry, the State will step in and place them in a home ran by a nice group of men where nothing untoward happens.
  • Hate Jury Service?  No problem, there won’t be any need, it’ll be you V the STATE and all her machinery

Always look on the bright side of life.




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