British Democracy

8 10 2009

Seems the £££ spent opposing the BNP in the European Elections was £363,433.  That is more than the BNP spent promoting itself.  Must say it probably worked to an extent.  Otherwise where was the motive to spend this money on all that awful promotion and campaign material telling everyone to vote “Anyone but the BNP”.  But this money wasn’t spent by the political opponents but their pet attack dogs, the 3rd Party groups that are not after any seats but whose only mission was to “Smash the BNP”.  So they offer no policies but worse than that, try to disrupt others who have policies they disagree with from getting a word in edge-ways.

Board of Deputies of British Jews (£35,445)

Est. 1760 “The Board of Deputies is unique in being the only democratically elected and national representative body of the British Jewish Community, whose welfare it exists to protect and promote.”  So a special interest group interested in helping British Jews then.  I could name a dozen so-called special interest groups but none for “poor working class Britons who are drowning under the ocean of culture imported upon them” (the rich Briton’s don’t need them, they can afford places away from the sink estates that “welcome” the newcomers.  This is Harriet Harm-all-(white)-men’s idea of “progressive politics”.

National Union of Teachers (£25,194)

Est. 1870 Largest Teachers Union in Europe with 2940,000 members.  Proof if ever was needed that Schools have replaced Education with Indoctrination if they have the spare £25k to “Stop the BNP”.  Teaching Patriotism is inherently evil  makes my blood boil, how else are children suppose to learn to become part of the wider community it we do not teach them to love the land they’re on?  And don’t get me started on the sub-standard education they provide.  I’m a product of it and owe my reading and writing skills to my father as my schooling was useless (although I had some great teachers but few and far between and the lack of discipline only encouraged bad behavior, I know from first hand experience from being expelled).

Public and Commercial Services Union (£74,794)

With over 300,000 members it proudly states “We are organised throughout the civil service and government agencies, making us the UK’s largest civil service trade union.  We also organise widely in the private sector, usually in areas that have been privatised.” So of course they’re against a Nationalist government, less jobs for them in the bloated misinformation information business.

Searchlight Information Services Ltd (£137,409)

This juicy little “Charity” is the brainchild of Gerry Gable, a out and out communist which smears the BNP and any other Nationalist or anti-immigration group as racists and bigots when this very chap is the biggest bigot of all.  Even though this now now run by Sonia Gable, many still suspect he pulls the strings.  Full of secrets that the main media won’t expose, yet more shocking, always able to make room for a Searchlight “spokesperson” in any article or segment regarding the BNP.  And £137k!  They must really be doing well, all that money going on the charitable cause of trying to “Stop the BNP”.  I’ll just say very suspect when maybe this money could’ve been better spent given to causes such as the UJIA (2008 £45,000) or to the many other charities that benefit from the Searchlight enterprise of Hate.

Unite Against Fascism (£86,987)

Probably £86,980 on banners and the last £7 on a claw-hammer…  probably.  Definitely a front for something more than a protest group.  Supported by “many” this group believes in free speech but not for fascists.  Are we meant to take their word for it?  Did you see the gimped-up midget and Tarquin’s bad impression of an ugly bird after a night whoring?  And their bear of a man ringleader who stir up the riots then head off to the cameras declaring their “victory” against the far-right while Channel 4 interviews their Chief mouthpiece sprouting the same old nonsense.  I could go on but I’ll only be treading over old rope.

USDAW (£3,604)

Union of shop, distribution and allied workers, another trade union that operates in the public sector that support Labour  “USDAW will join Labour’s fight for Britain 29 September 2009 Shopworkers’ union, USDAW, vowed to support Gordon Brown” so I needn’t add anymore.

Unison – The Public Service Union (Not yet submitted)

And apart from fighting for better perks rights for their members by bringing industry to a standstill but also by “lobbying and funding of the Labour party through the Affiliated Political Fund” so again, another Labour supporting trade union.

So this is Democracy?

Not only was the British National Party up against the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives but also these groups and along with the Controllers, given just as much airtime to “Smash the BNP”…  and it nearly worked.  Instead of the two MEPs there could’ve been more and that is a fact.  As with the Irish Referendum and the recent Birmingham fraud, the odds are definitely against all the “fringe” parties, none more than the BNP though.

You know when you’re on target when you’re getting flak from all sides.

I think the most important thing for any of us capable to oversee the voting process from start to finish.  IF we get another election that is.  Time to watch the watchers.




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