EU Constitution is alive and well

9 10 2009

We knew it was the same, they told us countless times and still do.  This time, in regards to David Cameron’s proposal to hold a referendum on a done Treaty or at least trying to “… seek a renegotiation…”

Andrew Brons MEP (elected, to speak for the people) asked “… Does this mean that the Lisbon Treaty is essentially the same as the Constitutional Treaty which it replaced?…”

The brief reply from the European Commission vice-president (appointed, to speak for the EU) Margot Wallstrom (has worked for The Trilateral Commission – scroll down) was “The most important things for Britain were changed, which were the names and the symbols”.  Nothing else.  Just the names and the symbols ffs!  So a binding contract already ratified by all but two nations and when they finally capitulate ratify, the seal on the deal will be complete and irrevocable.

So no matter what David Cameron promises, he knows he won’t be able to change a God damn thing!  Just using this to garner votes.  They’re all the same except for the branding.  It’s Coke and Pepsi Politics at it’s very worse.  Even worse than those Rotten Boroughs of long ago, at least no one could afford them all then, unlike now of course.

Our Politicians lied to us to get us this far and will continue to do so until we are hand delivered on a silver platter ready for the feast (we’re the main course so at least have some pride in that).  The Globalized media have all did their part, including our very own Aunty Beeb ‘promoting’ the Treaty as a Godsend to humanity every chance it gets;

“The Lisbon Treaty is aimed at streamlining EU institutions, to improve decision-making in the enlarged 27-nation bloc.

The treaty incorporates the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which covers a wide range of EU citizens’ rights and will become legally binding once Lisbon enters into force. That cannot happen unless all 27 member states ratify the treaty.”

So basically, we are now living in a Fascist State run by puppets and mini-Hitlers.  The Post-Democratic Age and without a shot fired, pretty impressive even if I do disagree with it wholeheartedly.  Oh well, nice past 1000 years had it’s ups and downs, no doubt the next thousand will.  Just hope I’m around for the ups (even though I don’t fancy the downs one bit!).  Time to learn the new National Anthem and more importantly, try and keep track of all the new laws they’re bound to enact.

There will soon be peace in Europe but only because we won’t have a choice.  That’s what a Dictatorship is.  Down with Big Brother or Long Live Big Brother will soon be the question we’ll need to answer.  No matter what we say, it’ll never make a difference.  And violent insurection is illeagal if unsuccessful…  and even Cromwell paid for it in the end remember.  So we can’t use democracy and we can’t use violence…


May start a new blog called “Ripper Welcomes the New Rulers of the Universe:  Please don’t kill me!”

… then again, I am British and we don’t do surrender that well.

Lord Mangledbum with his personal bodyguard

Lord Mangledbum with his personal bodyguard




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