18-24 Group want return to Traditionalism…

12 10 2009


The Daily Express October 12th 2009

Nine out of 10 people would like to see a return to traditional values, a survey has found.

The majority of people think the UK has changed for the worse during the past 20 years, according to Chelsea Building Society.  Probably trying to drum up some business by making it worse than it is for some while ringing true for others.

Around 77% of people blamed the deterioration on a lack of discipline in schools, while 74% attributed it to family breakdown and 70% thought it was due to individual greed. I can testify to that.  The eighties was devoid of discipline so of course, the child that grows up with no limits expects no limits and sooner or later ends up either going to prison or getting butchered!  Family breakdown is a difficult nut to crack.  I doubt Eastenders helps much showing how ‘exciting’ having rows are, even if it does happen in real life.  People beat animals to death in real life but I don’t want to see that acted anymore that domestic violence being acted out on daytime TV.  That’s what the Internet is for.  And greed is better than hunger but what has happened has been nothing short of gluttony for certain institutions and businesses leaving little capital leftover for anyone else (Governments and Certain, not all, mammoth Conglomerates.

Three-quarters of young people aged between 18 and 24 also thought society had changed for the worst.  Of course it is.  Always  has been hard but nowadays, not only having to compete with each-other but with the world and it’s mother for what little opportunities are available is bound to hit the soul.

It was this age group turning back to tradition, saying they wanted less television and more family trips out and board games. Don’t know about the board games but the family day outs were some of the best times of my life.  Nowadays, a family ticket out costs a months wages instead of a weeks!  And with today’s television, we have so many channels yet all that means is more crap pumping out.

They also craved less fast food and more meals around the dining table.  McDonald’s has really let it self go I admit, although more or a pie mash and liquor man myself.  All this fast living is no good for the metabolism either.

Nine out of 10 people across all age groups said they thought it was important to say please and thank you, while 87% thought children should have good manners and be respectful and 87% thought people should give up seats to those who needed them more.  Manners.  This is the biggest problem of today.  Not terrorism, not Financial Collapse but the times when we each interact with each-other.  A lot of Libertarians and Far Left/Right and even the so-called “centre” have pushed these to the bottom of the pile.  Without a solid foundation of manners, how else is a community suppose to come together?

Other things which were rated as being important included receiving service with a smile, family meals, helping neighbors and children being able to play outside.  And re-open the youth clubs with parental involvement.  Leaving kids to play on the street nowadays usually involves a few bottles of cheap cider and a packet of even cheaper cigarettes, while when I used to go to a youth center, football, table tennis, art, trips (away, not acid), friendships, learning life skills etc etc.

Tim Taylor, divisional director of customer services at Chelsea Building Society, said: “Although some aspects of modern society are obviously important, this research indicates that Britain wants to refresh cherished traditions and see them become an active part of life going forward.”  And another plug.  No amount of LCD TVs or booze can replace the family unit but a move might is what they’re basically saying.  And if I had the money I would!

Glad I’m not in the minority at least – bad enough being a Millwall Fan.




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