Guardian bashing TPA

14 10 2009

Just a quick posting regarding an article in the Guardian.

Everyone knows how much the Guardian relies on Government money for their job section to keep afloat so this article is surely a piece of self-preservation.  With the addition of Tim Horton from the left-leaning Fabian Society, who states the group is “fundamental to the Conservatives’ political strategy”, which he said was to destroy public confidence in politicians’ ability to deliver public services, thereby paving the way for cuts.

The article links the Conservatives with the Taxpayers Alliance and come to the conclusion it’s evil on that basis alone.  What the heck is bad about wanting to highlight Government wastage?  The Government won’t do it so surely it is up to the opposition.  And by opposition, I don’t mean the Tories but everyone who didn’t vote Labour (and that is more than 65% of the electorate).

Instead of worrying about the TPA, maybe the Guardian should set-up their own organisation.  Something along the lines of “Finance the State” alliance, exclaiming the woe of the State and that we all need to dig deep to save it.  Otherwise, all those diversity co-ordinator and community cohesion jobs will have to go (along with the Guardians advertising of course).

Rant over.

"Keep on walking Sir"

"Keep on walking Sir"




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