Keith Vaz – £140,000

14 10 2009
"La la la"

"La la la"

What is it with MPs?

Keith Vaz, a waste of space if ever there was one, seems to think £480 on 22 cushions is a valid expense.  Seems to think £2,100 on leather armchairs is a valid expense.  Even a £150 lamp seems to be a valid expense. This parasite (and that is what these crooks are) thinks that his entire lifestyle should be taxpayer funded, from where he lays his head, rests his ass and all illuminated by the hard work of others.


While searching this pigs’ details on TheyWorkForYou I found this little gem;

18-26 October 2008, to Goa, India, as part of a visit by the Leicester-India Football initiative. Local hospitality and travel was provided by the Goa FA. (I paid for my own flights and accommodation.) (Registered 30 October 2008)  Name of donor:  Government of Yemen

And the reason for this trip?

Purpose of visit:  TBC

Great.  Travels all the way to Goa, paid for by a foreign government and the purpose on said trip is?  To be confirmed…  Wow, this democracy thing really needs to be dismantled and started from scratch.

Regarding a transparent Parliament, he was absent for most of them (seven), voted for a couple of measures (Full and complete registration and No lower limit for declaration) and disagreed just the once against the External audits and no more furniture amendment.

Gay sex for 16 year olds?  Sure, why not.  ID cards?  Sure thing.  Anti-Terror laws?  Why of course, how else could he keep his perks.  For the Iraq War but, surprise surprise, against an investigation in said war.  The guy is Asian first, Labour second and lastly, a conniving little turd.

Aside from the voting, this very man has been involved in mishap after mishap and should have been locked up long ago.  Or at the very least expelled from politics due to his blatant corrupting morals.  The following headlines cover his political upsets;

After months of claims and counter claims, Vaz is finally sacked as Minister for Europe – Independent (Tuesday, 12 June 2001)

Vaz cleared over Hinduja payments to wife (But Filkin says they colluded to conceal payments) – Guardian (Monday 24 December 2001)

Vaz brought about the very disaster he tried to avoid – The Telegraph (Saturday, 9 February 2002)

‘It’s incredible that he should try to smear me’ – Guardian (Saturday 9 February 2002)

Vaz helped tycoon in fraud scandal – Guardian (Sunday 27 May 2001)

Gordon Brown under pressure over ‘reward’ for Keith Vaz over terror bill – The Telegraph (Tuesday, 2 July 2002)

Labour MP under pressure over letter, Keith Vaz accused of failure to declare interest – Guardian (Sunday 14 September 2008)

Keith Vaz: £75,000 for a flat 12 miles from home – The Telegraph (Saturday, 9 May 2009)

So by this alone he should be removed from office.  He is a proven liar, cheat and self-promoter.  And I haven’t even touched on his Salman Rushdie episode where he stated “there is no such thing as absolute freedom of speech”.  Brings to mind that placard with the “Freedom go to Hell” written on it.

And they wonder why they’re so hated?  Shows just how deluded they actually are.

"All fine and dandy here"

"All fine and dandy here"




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