Yasmin showing how much she believes in free speech

14 10 2009

Going through The BNP do not deserve a place in this debate article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (14.10.09 )

Tell me it is a bad joke, please. The BBC, bastion of ethical values, has invited into its bed the British National Party, an avowedly racist organisation with a fascist pedigree.

So she believes the BBC have ethics?  I thought they had issues.  And an avowedly racist with a fascist pedigree?  Firstly, I don’t remember seeing Mr Griffin admitting he is a racist.  And secondly, pot calling kettle black with the fascist remark.  Can’t remember the BNP trying to censor your right to free speech.

BNP leader Nick Griffin will appear on Question Time next week alongside Justice Secretary Jack Straw, Lib-Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne and black playwright Bonnie Greer. The Conservatives have yet to nominate a politician to appear.

This is a thousand times worse than racist spats set up by the wily producers of Big Brother to attract prurient interest.

Even in our lax world, where right and wrong are but canapés on a tray of many choices, this decision should produce revulsion.

Our lax world?  canapés?  What was you smoking?  I thought this was a newspaper article, not a romantic novel found in the supermarket.

The excuse used is that more than 900,000 people voted for the party during June’s European elections and the bulldoggish Griffin is now an MEP.

You wrote 900,000 people voted for them and say this is an excuse?  Surely those 900,000 have the right to hear their Party of choice battle it out with the others.  If the BNP are so odious as you and the Liberal media believe, surely this would help your cause.  But then again, you need arguments.  Something the Liberals  swapped long ago for the insults and smears.

True, the party now cleverly wears the disguise of patriotism and insinuates itself into the hearts and minds of depressed and credulous citizens who want to blame immigrants for their ills. That doesn’t make it acceptable or respectable.

Of course they’re Patriotic.  they’d be in the Labour Party otherwise wouldn’t they.  And we don’t blame the immigrants.  We blame the bastard MPs who invited them here and so want them out.  We blame the bastard MPs who made it legal for me to be discriminated against.  You see what we want?  We want a British Government looking out for Briton’s interests.

BNP leaders may not any more talk or walk like the Gestapo but where we can’t see them, they affirm white supremacy and reveal hatred for Jews, Muslims, black, Arab and Asian Britons, mixed-race couples and children and dark-skinned immigrants.

Of course they don’t talk or walk like the Gestapo – they were German!  And of course he affirms supremacy although it’s Briton’s supremacy in their own nation.  Black rule okay for South Africa but White Rule for Britain bad?  Hypocritical to say the least.

Those of us in the public eye have experienced dark terror when targeted by such extremists.

Those of us who are white and not in the public’s eye have too suffered extremism, although this is State-Sanctioned extremism where they have turned our once proud white working class neighbourhoods into nothing more than ghettos.  But we haven’t got a column in a newspaper so don’t matter to the likes of the public, unlike her grace.

Yet this week two young BNP officials – who were allowed by the BBC to remain anonymous and unidentified as such – were brought on to Radio 1 to racially insult the footballer Ashley Cole – and they were not challenged once.

They did not “insult” Ashley Cole, simply answered a question in calm terms that he isn’t 100% ethnically British, which is correct.  A bit like you’re 0% (5% at the most) ethnically British.

What is behind this sordid affair between the corporation and the sicko party? Maybe the BBC wants to be seen as valiantly un-PC.

If so, it shows itself to be criminally irresponsible and lacking in any sense of history.

Never knew irresponsibility was a crime.

Democracy, is it? To open the most respected TV programme in the land to those who would deny millions of us our democratic rights? Throw the BNP to John Humphrys or Nicky Campbell if you must, but this honour stains the good name of Question Time.

Week after week of left-wing drizzle and yet in your feeble mind, this made QT respected?  No, they’re letting the BNP on to gain respect for far too long, they have been pressured into the PC culture that you so endorse.

Jack Straw, Chris Huhne and Bonnie Greer should not have agreed to appear with any BNP representative on the show.

Even better, a whole hour of BNP – no left-wing-bleeding-heart-conniving-deceiving-cheating-scumbags would be a pleasure to watch.

We all want to get on to Question Time – but there are limits. These panellists will help to normalise those who should be pariahs.

So you wish to alienate the Native Britons even more by making them pariahs in their country of birth?  After this nation granted you and your family access here, you wish to deny others who have a blood right to be here?

For rational and reasonable arguments with bigots are wasted breath. I tried last Friday to argue passionately on BBC Radio 2 with UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom, who cheerfully calls his Asian contacts “Pakis” and couldn’t understand the fuss about Anton Du Beke calling Laila Rouass that name on Strictly Come Dancing.

So anyone who won’t agree with you is a bigot?  Same accusation could be thrown at you, but whoops, you can’t be a bigot cos you’re part of the oppressed.  So what about the paki comment, I’m sure we’ve all heard worse and more importantly, seen worse.

Many decent people were appalled – but most of my mail after that encounter came from racists heaping abuse on me.

You’re grasp of mathematics confuses me.  Many sided with you were decent but most who opposed you were racist?  Many and Most, which is it?  And they probably only wrote derogatory terms to you as you probably offended them.  Action equals reaction.

Former Cabinet minister Peter Hain, to his credit, has lambasted the Question Time decision. He, like me, grew up in Africa, where the BBC was and is a symbol of truth and integrity.

Shouldn’t have brought that crook into it.  Isn’t he a South African extremist?  A proven liar?  And worse of all, Labour?

Today it abandons its priceless reputation. Who next to debate with the great and good? A Ku Klux Klan leader? Holocaust denier David Irving? It would make a terrifically edgy programme.

Hopefully.  I’d rather watch Islamic Fundalmentalists on QT than the usual fire-brand-leftists.

Stuff morality: ratings, my dear, are all that matter nowadays.

No, it’s because of the “excuse” that 900,000 Britons that you dispise voted for them.  You don’t like democracy, go somewhere else.  For too long we have had to put up with this Marxist/Liberal/Globalist/Bullshit from the likes of you and yours.  Now you can put up with ours!

Another article by her is Brave new world: The complicated side-effects of Britain’s mixed-race households. In this story she nothing but time and understanding for those finding it hard living here.  If only she showed the same consideration to the BNP, I may have given this lady some respect.

But she didn’t so she can fuck off.

"Every girl loves a man in uniform"

"Every girl loves a man in uniform"




4 responses

15 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan


Found my way here from your comments (thank you) on Wigan Patriot. I like what I’ve found. Shortcutted on my desktop for daily visits.

And yes – South Africa Sucks can be hilarious at times – but most of the time it’s just factual – and always horrifying. I comment on there occasionally.

Old Holborn is always fun to visit too:


And a very thought-provoking blog is Leg-Iron’s place:


Neither are nationalist, but are worth visiting regularly. I comment on both, and am not attacked for being nationalist, but taken seriously. Leg-Iron’s place does not use any profanity. Old Holborn is a swear-blog.

I would permanently link you on our Wigan Blog, but I’m not very good with computers and don’t know how to do it.

Did you see the short film about the Russian boxer giving that black boxer a regular hammering? Magic. It’s up on Wigan. Nov. &th on sky, David Haye takes him on. Wish I had a telly with sky. I envisage another black hammering – and Haye is a London black. Gotta admit though, he’s a brave man to face that Russian.

15 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Nov 7th for the fight – Typo.

15 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Sorry Sir Morgan, what’s this in relation to “Nov 7th for the fight – Typo.”?

Forgive me for my ignorance, still suffering from the flu.

15 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Whopos my bad – still new to this blogging thing.

That Russian is a beast!

I’m looking forward to the fight.

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