Alex Salmond is having a laff!

15 10 2009
Scottish St Andrews eu

Some independence Al.

Alex Salmond claims SNP “never closer” than it is today to independence.

He said “Do parties in Scotland really believe that the people of Scotland will give them their vote if they refuse to give the people of Scotland a vote on the constitutional future of the country.”

Don’t start rooting for him yet as he also said Scotland had passed climate change legislation which was “not just world leading but potentially planet saving”.

Another little Tinpot wanting a bigger piece of the European pie.  Why I say this?  Here…

He argued it was an “incredibly reasonable request” for the Scottish Government to have a minister at the Copenhagen summit.

However, Mr Salmond said Prime Minister Gordon Brown had refused this. He said: “Only yesterday the Prime Minister wrote me a letter. `Dear Alex, he said, no he said`.”

Mr Brown’s letter to the First Minister stated that “Scotland – as part of the United Kingdom – will be represented ministerially by Ed Miliband” the UK Climate Change Secretary.

Told ya.

Must be having another personal joke.  Alex “And did you release anyone today, Kenny?” Salmon is deluded if he thinks Independence is close, Scotland will soon be a State in it’s own right along with 5 different parts of England in the Great EUSSR, where Love for the State is compulsory.

He really believes that then we’ve got to be sure the EU nightmare is now well and truly sealed.  Welcome to Fascism, Lands of the Banks.  All this time they’ve been dismantling each area into the smallest denominator, easier to control I suppose.  Play each region off one another.  Even more I mean.  Oh well, freedom was nice when it lasted.

"Now mad Al is at it, better move on north"

"Now mad Al is at it, better move on north"




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