Calling all ethnics – You can now join the BNP

15 10 2009

BNP forced to end policy for ‘whites only’ membership

Absolutly fantastic!  Cannot wait till QT now.

Jack Straw:  The BNP are racist and fascist and don’t deserve free speech.

Nick Griffen:  Wasn’t it you Mr Straw that said the English weren’t worth saving?  Some could say that was racist.  Wasn’t it your Fascist Government’s EHRC that FORCED us to change OUR CONSTITUTION?

BNP will get more than 5m votes next election.  Thanks Liberals.  Elite you ain’t no more!

"Now now Sir, this is for your own good"

"Now now Sir, this is for your own good"




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16 10 2009
British Nationalist


Just noticed you have linked to us, so I shall reciprocate.

They can’t join yet, all hinges on the decision of the voting members at the EGM in November.


16 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Many thanks. I’m sure the members will vote for it. If not, surely their is a provision for special purposes isn’t there? Like being a “fiend” of the party instead of a voting member? Like the Black Policeman Ass. If they exclude non-ethnics, surely we could? And there would be a test surely? Imagine Choundray turning up wanting it with a grant from the Government – court case of the century otherwise lol

Or when they put it up for the vote, have the constitution written that the permanent goal of the BNP is to end mass immigration, have a firm and fair justice system where all crimes are treated with the utmost professionalism, not just when it involves their “hate crimes” against their pets. You know, rules than cannae’* be changed or amended?

We just need to get to an election, until there, we’ve as much power as an alcopop. QT will either make or break us. I’ve got a good feeling about this though – I’m quite confident that the BNP could well pick up over 5m votes if even a fifth of the truth gets out about the lies and trickery of the current regime.

Quite confident ;P

Kudos for the link-up, I usually rant and rave while giving the Corruptibles evils. We’ll overcome this shit. We’ve had worse and if we can get a GE, we’ll be dancing in the sun I’m sure. Well, not me, I’m in Peckham, I’ll probably go Cornwall for my little dance… don’t want to show up my neighbours.

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