Why I admire America

15 10 2009

They had the foresight to see that tyranny can come from Ones’ Own ‘Government’.

Oh I so admire their “Right to Bear Arms” – us poor sods have to rely on the Police as the Government have not only outlawed personal firearms but even BLOODY self-defence for Christ’s sake!  What the heck is reasonable force?  Someone tries to thump me, I’ll thump them back till I’m safe, I’m not going to take a break every 30 seconds to check if my ASSAILANT is okay am I!?!

Wasn’t it Lenin who said, “One man with a gun can control 100 without”?

And the very WORST thing about the Police in NuLabour’s era of “Peace in Our Time”,  is the Management (ACPO) are employed and rewarded by the Policheatingscumbags and so has total discretion in who to investigate.  Want proof.

Mr D Menzes – tampered evidence admitted but NO CHARGE

A senior police surveillance officer who admitted tampering with his evidence during the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes was cleared today by an official investigation.

Mr I Tomlinson – “no charges as of yet”

Parallels have been drawn between the controversial Peach case and the death in April this year of Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper seller who was on his way home during the G20 protests when he was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground by a police officer in riot gear. To date, no-one has been charged.

The Police now protect the Crooked MPs who appoint them.  All Police Chiefs need to be elected by the people, otherwise this will continue to happen.  Because if the Police has been compling with the Government, then the question is “Who will protect us from the Protectors?”  Will Iraq return the favour?  Our friend in Europe, whoops, that should be the European Council, will they come over and “return democracy”?

Hell in a hand-basket?  More like we’re skipping with a stupid smile of disbelief.  How the bloody hell did we become like this!?!

And if any Police Officers of good heart and of high  moral character read this, please do not be offended, this is intended to show my disgust of what our “Political Betters” has done to this Nation.  They have opened us to hell and more.  If only some Peacekeeper had the means to stop those who would destroy us.  Or even a military coup would be preferable to the NuLabour Regime.  It’s like being in some dystopia movie with all the large numbers thrown around and dictate after dictate…  it won’t end until we are ALL completely dependent, not on the Nation or the State but the whims of select few maybe, a few dozen at most.

Who lives, who dies.  And then one day good-hearted and of high moral character Public Servants and Protectors, when you are no longer needed, will you stand up then?

"Sure... we'll make sure your looked after"

"Sure... we'll make sure your looked after"




3 responses

15 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

And we’re still waiting for the Paki who took a hammer to Tony Ward to face an attempted murder charge. Wont be holding my breath for that. Or even a charge of assault aggravated by racial hatred.

15 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

It’s noticable that in Wales, the white man who took a hammer to his white wife got 25 years.

16 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

I heard about that. Non-political though, that is why I’m sure we’re living in a fascist state. So many people believe the illusion of democracy, mainly because the processes are either swept under the carpet or blatantly lied about.

Justice is as foreign today as it was for us peasants back in the Middle Ages Sir Morgan. Remember the MP who got mugged and then charged the Taxpayer for Personal Protection, even though she’s married to a millionaire? Now if that happen to our other-halves, we wouldn’t have the same option.

Animal Farm may have been a piss-take but it is one hell of a realistic one.

Another thing Police wish to spend up to £12m “countering” the far-right “terrorism” “threat” for Christ’s sake! Some bad bloody nightmare this Regime is turning into.

Sorry for the long thing. Just woke up so the brain is in 2nd gear at the moment… it’ll improve as I wake up… hopefully.

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