Shahid Malik “far-right violent extremism”

16 10 2009

A question posed by a Conservative MP, Paul Goodman, Shadow Minister, Communities and Local Government regarding Extremism:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what recent representations he has received on changing the level of priority accorded to tackling (a) violent extremism, (b) extremism perpetrated in the name of Islam, (c) extremism perpetrated in the name of neo-nazi and fascist causes and (d) extremism claimed by others; and if he will make a statement.”

That lying cheating stealing Labour MP, Shahid Malik, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Communities and Local Government on record replied:

“We are clear that the threat from al-Qaeda influenced extremism remains the most significant terrorist threat to the UK, although we have recently been able to downgrade the official threat level from ‘severe’ (an attack is highly likely) to ‘substantial’ (an attack is a strong possibility).”

So the bogeyman “Al-Qaeda” still Enemy No.1 but an attack isn’t eminent.  Well done you moron.  Any chance of actually DEFEATING IT?  Of course not, Labour may need them before the election of course.

We are working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe, prosperous and healthy community and are determined to support communities by increasing their capacity to tackle the philosophy or practice of violence in their own communities. A number of related but distinct programmes contribute to this, including promoting community cohesion, preventing violent extremism and tackling hate crime and other forms of extremism.”

Oh we know Labour are looking after war-criminals, terrorists and other degenerates for sure.  Under the mantra of equality, even the scummiest dirtiest murderers have their human rights.  And the ubiquitous “hate crimes” the establishment love to use to stifle freedom of thought and speech.  Greet Wilders is an example of the lengths the Snakes in Charge will go in denying free speech.  The truth is no longer an acceptable defence it seems in regards to this.  Channel 4 “Undercover Mosques” was threatened under this law.  And those are just the tip of the ice berg as this Labour Government loves to scaremonger, pointing out racists over there, sexists over here and paedophiles in every packet of crisps.

“The level of priority accorded to different types of extremism will depend on the level of the problem in the local area. We are also seeking to work to eradicate the risk of far-right violent extremism. Our objective is to attempt to impact on extremist ideologies that threaten our communities irrespective of their source and origin.”

I wondered when Labour’s puppet would get to this.  Oh yes, the nasty right-wing nutters and lunatics who believe in National Sovereignty, Democracy and a common sense approach to immigration and integration.  They’re only dangerous to Labour and the rest of the so-called “centre-left” parties, when really, all the Big Three are pro-EU as that’s ‘progressive politics’.  If the far right is bad, how about the far left?  Isn’t Communism and it’s many off-shoots like socialism as, or dare I say it, worse than the far right? (150m ‘casualties’ worldwide since Communist first took power – that would make the Vatican blush).  What has the Government done in regard to the vile left-wing nutters of the far left?  What about Tony Ward?  Attacked by a hammer-wielding State-Sponsored UAF thug, where was the prevention of that?  And the Establishment call the BNP “the nasty party”!?!

“Ministers and officials have frequent formal and informal contact with communities and local authorities where issues and concerns presented by different forms of extremism are discussed. We do not record the number of these representations.”

This Government has a cheek.  Everything done by the back door.  This is what Labour does best.  They sell-out to terrorists and special interest groups and have the audacity to apologise on our behalf for how evil the Natives are.

Fraudsters, Cheats, Liars, Perverts, Warmongers, Queers, Appeasers, IRA terrorists, Scottish terrorists, retarded-unemployable-know-nothing-pricks, LGBTs, Jews, Muslims, Africans, Communists, Socialists, Fabians, Masons, Stooges, Marxists and apologies to any other Degenerates I’ve left out, who reside in the Whorehouse of Parliament that makes a mockery of democracy.  Leading to the abomination of a nation.

I’m 28 years old.  I’ve lived under a Conservative and a Labour Government.  Nearly three decades of mistakes after accidents usually becoming overlooked by a scandals (and not necessary in that order).  I honestly believe that if Enoch Powell had become Prime minster instead of that dead poofter Heath, we wouldn’t be in half the shit we’re in now.  Seems the 60’s cost more than common sense.

Hope for the best

Prepare for the worst

These are interesting times when the Government declares war on the “far-right” while not mentioning the “far-left”.  Some would say that was fascism, the Regime quelling political opposition.  And all this while people have pointed towards the BNP and snarled, when in reality, it seems the only medicine strong enough to close down the ranks of the Degenerates is the one the BNP offers.  When a Government attacks one political party and succeeds, what’s to stop them going after the next?

And just a reminder…

"Been drinking have we sir?"

"Been drinking have we sir?"




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