The Daily Politics – BBC Monday 19th October 2009

19 10 2009

A long gloomy monotone before, at 40 seconds we get the customary “convicted of racial hatred” and at 50 seconds the Beeb introduce Alan Johnston’s QT rant.  We have to wait nearly 30 more seconds for Mr Barnbrook’s misdemeanor to be highlighted.  First interviewed is a lovely young Londoner, culturally enriched and very liberal.  “Don’t give two monkeys”, “Should be allowed to voice their opinion” and “I don’t agree with everything they say”.  The second interviewed, a lovely lady, now the way she said “Dreadful” then apologizes for it.  Strange I think.  Especially as we didn’t hear the question they were answering.

Now at 2 minutes and 10 seconds, the Beeb have a friendly chat with John “I love Gays” Cruddas – NuLabour puppet who is a political opponent of the BNP – in a nutshell, “get away with murder”.  Bit insensitive if you ask me, doubt anyone who has lost someone due to NuGov’s softly softly approach to crime will see how speaking to the BNP will provide them with the means to get away with murder.  All those cameras there, I’ll say getting away with a fart is the best Nick will be able to do.  Now straight after, we have career Socialist Weymon Bennett sprouting his nonsense again.  I’ve seen more brains on a nit’s dick that this fella displays.

And at nearly 3 minutes long, the anti-BNP set-up is complete.  Well done Beeb, doubt anyone will notice that!

Onto the studio with John “I love Gays too” Mann, another NuLabour puppet, Hugo “Ten steps to put Nick Griffin on the wrong foot” Rifkind from the Times newspaper and Micheal Mansfield QC, who seems to be playing politics.

Just the usual bullshit.  Is the BBC trying to back out?

And for clarification.  Mr Griffin crimes are nothing more than thought crime, introduced by NuGov.  Again, NuGov is trying to introduce laws to make the BNP illegal.  Barnbrook “lied”/”fluffed the autocue” about the murders yet rectified his mistake as soon as highlighted, Blair is still silent over WMDs and we are still given the displeasure of continual losses for NuGov’s Britain.  And Baroness Scotland actually BROKE the law.

I could go on but if you don’t get it now, you never will.

"Better not, they're special"

"Ready for some arse-kicking? We are!"




2 responses

21 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

They’re running around like headless chickens – maybe that’s what they are?

Smell the fear – they really do not want to face the issues that will be raised, while not realising that the politicians and media refusing to debete those issues is what is helping the BNP grow.

Expect a BNP government within twelve years – unless they actually do something about those very same issues. But they wont; after all, it is they who created those issues, and the last thing a politician will do is concede that he/she got things wrong.

Or, from their point of view have they got things right?

21 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

The Polichickens are coming home to roost.

After the next GE we shall have a BNP Government, or at least be in opposition. We cannot afford another twelve years in the behemoth that is the EU with the main traitors at the helm.

Once they get all their authority, they will just ban any anti-EU party.

I know once QT is over the BNP will have another 5 million voters at least. He just needs to highlight the ruling establishment’s failures and put his proposals to make them right.

The NUJ have planted all these stories so they’ll have loads to throw at Mr Griffin’s way, but they made a big mistake, for if Nick plays it smart, each and every story can be thrown back into the faces’ of the ruling motley crew.

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