NG versus QT, Dimmi, Warsi-called, Plum, Straw & “London Allsorts”

24 10 2009

What can I write about Mr Griffin’s appearance about Question Time.  Well, for starters, it was rigged from the word go.  Probably even before the invite was considered battle plans were being drawn up to try and de-rail the BNP.  For 40 minutes it was a relentless barrage against Nick, with 10 whole minutes directed at past quotes and the rest regarding the week’s BNP stories planted in the NUJ-guided press.  But it did prove a very important thing last night.  The British National Party are the ONLY Patriotic Party in Britain who are willing to tackle immigration.  Every other party talks about acting tough then does nothing.  Maggie Thatcher spoke about it and then conveniently forgot about it while she signed a little more of Britain away, just like Cameron will shout about it and do nothing.  Even NuLabour lied about it in 1997 (although have since pushed the agenda out of spite).

Yet I reckon instead of thinking about what they all said last night, and it was all just soundbites and insults, I find it more telling in what the panel didn’t mention.  Plus enough eommentry has been given over what was said, how it was handled and the end result.  But on Question Time, the biggest fattest political elephant politics has ever known, the European Council’s intention on appointing an unelected European President was not touched.  All those accusations thrown at the “fascist” BNP would be shattered if it was so it was kept off the agenda.  And which democratic party broke their promise on an EU referendum?  It wasn’t the BNP.

Another thing they did not mention was the policies.  Now of course all of them had done their homework, even Greer had logged onto the site and made an effort – although I’d disagree we’re all Africans, I live in Peckham and know what Africans are and the many differences  between me and them.  So if they read the policies, and I’m assuming they did, and after all the talk of facing the BNP head-on (not Nick Griffin) and dismantling their manifesto they instead chose to concentrate on the racism, indigenous and holocaust issues.

Firstly, racism.  Preferring your own kind is not racism.  We have different ethnic enclaves because we, the people, prefer it that way.  Not because we hate anyone but just out of preference.  The 1950’s Government knew then there’ll be problems with integration, stating:

Housing is the most serious problem at present arising from coloured immigration and the situation in the affected areas is acute. During a Debate on the Adjournment on 22nd November, 1957, five Members of Parliament representing London constituencies referred to the overcrowded conditions in which the immigrants live and to the growing resentment by white residents who are the victims of annoyance by coloured landlords anxious to secure their removal. Local authorities can offer no solution; they have insufficient resources to deal with the problem quickly and if they were able to do so there would inevitably be protests against the coloured immigrants being given preference in the housing lists. Many immigrants are accustomed to living in squalid conditions and have no desire to improve their surroundings.

Commonwealth Immigrants Memo (20th June, 1958)

Yet they carried on, disregarding us then as they do now (Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser).  So I couldn’t give a damn about anyone moaning about racism when the fuckers who began this vast experiment on the British Isles knew what would happen.  As long as there are races competing for the same resources there will be racism.  And more importantly, if we need immigrants (which I doubt due to space), surely we should get those that will find it easier to integrate into our way of life instead of the usual rag-bunch of freedom-haters who loves benefits.  So I don’t give a damn about racism when it is my own being persecuted.

Secondly, “indigenous people” is a term recognised in International Law.  And even more importantly, Jus sanguinis, a bond with the land through blood is a term that still stands today.  So Nick was right, they were wrong.  We are unique to these Islands and it is morally wrong for any National Government to increase the population with the importation of millions upon millions of foreigners dividing our communities.  Divide and rule was the reason, not the fluffy pink NuGov “humanitarian” tendencies.

And lastly, the holocaust.  Now this is a contentious issue, whereas it is now illegal in some European Union nations to question the “authorized” version of events, making it an issue that is to be accepted through fear of imprisonment.  So Nick was right for not explaining himself, I wouldn’t trust “Justice” Jack sticking up for anyone except his own Party.  I won’t discount the figure taught to me in my schooling of six million as that is the evidence I’ve been presented with.  I do know however that people exaggerate the truth.  I also know lies have been exposed regarding individual accounts of events, even the great Nazi Hunter Wiesenthal has been stated as ” a showman and a braggart and, yes, even a liar, can live alongside acknowledging the contribution he made.” So it’s okay to be economical with the truth so long as it contributes to the cause?  History should be about the truth, no matter how ugly, for if we learn lies, how are suppose to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Now of course atrocities happened in WWII but that is what war is, one atrocity after the other until one opponent surrenders, where the innocent burn along with the guilty and every low-born man, woman or child bear the costs in lost lives while the rich and powerful split he plunder.  And so if we talk of atrocities, what about the million German POWs starved to death by the Allies after Germany’s surrender?  The millions of German women gang-raped by the invading Russians?  These are all atrocities as much as any other, are these not worth mentioning?  The reality is that so many died for so few.

So I wouldn’t say the holocaust was just a Jewish mass murdering exercise.  I say it was a European mass murdering exercise as the costs were high for all involved.

Well, that’s my penny added to the pile.  I don’t think Nick Griffin’s performance matters too much due to the fact that 5 panellists, 400 audience members and the entire NUJ team could not destroy him or his ideas.  Before the broadcast I was confident of the British National Party picking up 5 million voters.  I still think think we’ll have a Nationalist  presence in the next Government but probably pick up 3.5 million votes, and seeing the comments on the BBC News site only adds to my confidence.

Roll on the General Election – we want Our Country back!

"Sorry we're late for the UAF protest, orders you see"

"Sorry we're late for the UAF protest, orders you see"




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