How stupid is Yasmin Alibhai-Brown?

27 10 2009

Rhetorical question by the way.  Judge for yourself and see where her heart truly lies.

It’s all “me, me, me” with this dumb cunt.  We’re a tiny Island, we cannot cope with an influx of Birmingham proportions every fucking year!

And this idiot immigrant wonders why we’re getting less and less tolerant?  She must be retarded, I’ve no other explanation.


"No wonder Idi Amin got rid of her, great foresight"




2 responses

28 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

It’s even worse than that Jack – 600,000 peasants from the Hindu Kush in; 300,000 trained engineers, doctors etc out from our native people. That actually means a tilt in the population balance of nearly a million a year. And the rest of the world is getting trained, knowledgable, skilful Brits – we’re getting peasants who know no better than to keep goats in the kitchen.

Where’s the national future in that?

AND, even if actual immigration stopped tomorrow, it wouldn’t stop the “immigration”, only slow it down slightly because they’re breeding like cockraches – immigration via the womb, so to say.

Oh yes – forgot the question. Very very very stupid indeed. Every time she opens that hole in her face she gets a few more Brits angry.

28 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

LMAO – had to edit it though, what with the Newspapers picking up every little titbit that goes on.

She is a GREAT reason to halt immigration, if only the Beeb had invited her on QT… Oh well, always next time.

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