Media Boycott (facebook group)

27 10 2009

I myself do not buy newspapers or watch the news  (that’s what the internet and YouTube are for) – but a new facebook group (and I don’t join many) has sprung up in response to the Media bias to label anyone or anything pro-British as far-right, fascist, racist, sexist or any other crappy term designed to try and shut us up.  This group already has 1,000+ members and it won’t cost a penny, in fact, you’ll save £££.

So join the group, if like me you’re sick and tired of the lies on sale.  Remember, the National Union of Journalists are lying cheating cunts, I know first hand being a Millwall fan the kind of BS they print.  Just take a look at these guidelines to see that they’re no more than Social Engineers.  Before you scream “they’re doing the right thing”, one day they may denounce you as a new age heretic and use these tactics on you.


"Evil is what evil does"





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