Who needs Pravda when we have MediaWise & NUJ

28 10 2009
MediaWise, (registered charity 1076002 – THE MEDIAWISE TRUST) is one of those organisations that “helps” oversee the news we’re fed and train the journalists to be the chefs.  Just a look at some of their past financial backers will give us an idea of whose interest they actually working for.

Surprise surprise!  Of course this institution loves controlling financing the news.

A promoter of a multi-ethnic, multi-racial Britain.  Nice to see the priorities are right.

Fantastic!  More taxpayers £££ to go towards controlling directing the news.

George Soros, a billionaire with close links to the Rothschilds’.

NUJ guidelines on race reporting

Statement on race reporting

1. The NUJ believes that the development of racist attitudes and the growth of fascist parties pose a threat to democracy, the rights of trade union organisations, a free press and the development of social harmony and well-being.  So now you know why Nationalism is reported as “racist” and “fascist” yet Globalism and Corporatism is progressive and pure.

2. The NUJ believes that its members cannot avoid a measure of responsibility in fighting the evil of racism as expressed through the mass mediaAgain, is this the reason why Anthony Walker gets a dozen pages and Kriss Donald gets 6.  As Jo Bland said, “can’t be racist to whites”.

3. The NUJ reaffirms its total opposition to censorship but equally reaffirms its belief that press freedom must be conditioned by responsibility and an acknowledgement by all media workers of the need not to allow press freedom to be abused to slander a section of the community or to promote the evil of racism.  Diet-Censorship is the term I give it.

4. The NUJ believes the methods and lies of the racists should be publicly and vigorously exposedEven if they have to infiltrate and instigate it, overexaggerate it or just good old Hollywood style, make it up.

5. The NUJ believes that newspapers and magazines should not originate material which encourages discrimination on grounds of race or colour, as expressed in the NUJ’s rule book and code of conduct. Okay to take the piss out the English in the Hagar strip though, although I do find it funny but then again, I haven’t got a chip on my shoulder.

6. The NUJ recognises the right of members to withhold their labour on grounds of conscience where employers are providing a platform for racist propaganda. Question Time was either a great bit of Freedom of Speech or…  a set-up from the word go.

7. The NUJ believes that editors should ensure that coverage of race stories should be placed in a balanced context.  Just to be safe.

8. The NUJ will continue to monitor the development of media coverage in this area and give support to members seeking to enforce the above aims.  If only the FSA had this much motivation.

Race reporting

Only mention someone’s race if it is strictly relevant. Check to make sure you have it right. Would you mention race if the person was white? Of course not, if it is an ethnic to exaggerate how evil whitey is though, they’d milk it.

Do not sensationalise race relations issues; it harms black people and it could harm youProtect the minority and is that a threat???  If so, glad I’m no journalist.  Sounds like a Triad Gang.

Think carefully about the words you use. Words which were once in common usage are now considered offensive, e.g. half-caste and coloured. Use mixed-race and black instead. Black can cover people of Arab, Asian, Chinese and African origin. Ask people how they define themselves.  In Orwell’s 1984, this was called Newspeak.  Years back, before my time, people were addressed as Mr or Missus.  The way this Social Engineering project is going, soon we’ll need written permission to speak to eachother.

Immigrant is often used as a term of abuse. Do not use it unless the person really is an immigrant. Most black people in Britain were born here and most immigrants are white. What the fuck?  Bloody hell, soon we’ll have to call immigrants Sir and Ma’am so not to show offence.

Do not make assumptions about a person’s cultural background – whether it is their name or religious detail. Ask them or where it is not possible check with the local race equality council. Unless it’s an evil whitey, then assume all they like.

Investigate the treatment of black people in education, health, employment and housing. Do not forget travellers and gypsies. Cover their lives and concerns. Seek the views of their representativesEquality eh, don’t you love it?  Forget about highlighting poor standards for all, regardless of colour, let’s concentrate on the hard-done by minorities.  If these minorities had one knob, the NUJ would be at the end of it.

Remember that black communities are culturally diverse. Get a full and correct view from representative organisations. Yeah, so diverse the MET have Operation Trident.  And by a “correct view”, they mean PC.

Press for equal opportunities for employment for black staffWhy not just press for Equal opportunities for ALL???  Affirmative action my arse!

Be wary of disinformation. Just because a source is traditional does not mean it is accurateAgain, if they’re “racist” or “fascist” or both, free rein to slander, they can fit in an inch-worth of an apology seven months later on page 14.

Reporting racist organisations

When interviewing representatives of racist organisations or reporting meetings or statements or claims, journalists should carefully check all reports for accuracy and seek rebutting or opposing comments. The anti-social nature of such views should be exposed.  KGB style.  The problem I have is that the Globalists’ own the press, so again, Nationalism is what is opposed.

Do not sensationalise by reports, photographs,. film or presentation the activities of racist organisations.  They sensationalize everything for fuck’s sake!

Seek to publish or broadcast material exposing the myths and lies of racist organisations and their anti-social behaviour.  Again aimed at Nationalism.

Do not allow the letters column or ‘phone-in’ programmes to be used to spread racial hatred in whatever guiseIs this Chinese inspired?

Guidelines on travellers

Only mention the word gypsy or traveller if strictly relevant and accurateWouldn’t it always be relevent?

Give balanced reports, seeking travellers’ views as well as those of others, consulting the local travellers where possible.  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  More consideration in giving us both sides of the story when pikeys are involved but when it comes to mulit-culture and diversity it’s painted with sprinkles and star dust.

Resist the temptation to sensationalise issues involving travellers, especially in their relations with settled communities over issues such as housing and settlement programmes and schooling. Unless of course it’s the pikeys getting discriminated against by the settled folk, then they can call it a “hate-crime” and show whitey how evil still is.

Try to give wide coverage to travellers’ lives and the problems they face. Bloody hell, is this another gig for Bob Geldof>  Jesus fucking H fucking Christ, it’s enough to drive you to drink.  The documentaries I like involve nature a bit bigger than the bits in their hair.

Strive to promote the realisation that the travellers’ community is comprised of full citizens of Great Britain and Ireland whose civil rights are seldom adequately vindicated, who often suffer much hurt and dame through misuse by the media and who have a right to have their special contributions to Irish and British life, especially in music and craft work and other cultural activities, properly acknowledged and reported.  Who pay little to no tax, get first dibs in NHS queues and are also nests of criminality.  And I know that for a fact, I’ve seen the police steam in many times to the site near myself.

But what’s this?  There’s more…


MediaWise has taken a keen interest in promoting diversity within the media, not least because minorities are the most vulnerable to misrepresentation and abuseAgain, part of the agenda to render Nation States into submission.

We contributed to the UK Roundtable Against Racism and Xenophobia , an initiative linked to the European Observatory on Racism and Xenophobia; we supported the IFJ-backed website Diversity Online; built links with the Pan-European UNITED for Intercultural Action; and supported the Creative Collective project to improve opportunities for ethnic minorities media workers, backed by The Chronicle and the now defunct European Centre of the Freedom Forum.  No wonder the Establishment won’t admit this multi-culture don’t work, they’ve invested so much time and effort.  And all this effort yet instead of cohesion they have only helped inflame the situation.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why the Media lies to you.  What you watch, read and hear has all been manipulated to create tensions and unrest, for the news must be exciting otherwise what is the point?  Just like the Pharmaceutical Corporations sell the remedy and keep the cure and the Military Corporations (along with many other industries) promote the wars, so surely it is logical to see that the Media Corporations must also keep the information flowing, even if it is misinformation (or what I simply call bullshit).
So in the simplest terms, the Globalists believe in Corporate Empire building(Imperial always open to overthrow) so support various programmes to destabilize nations around the planet, be it through mass immigration, mass invasion or mass starvation, all means to an end for these people.  Money isn’t important to them, they own the rights to print it, so it has always been about power.  And they have oh so many more weapons in their arsenals to keep us in our place.  Even MediaWise works with Society of Environmental Journalists who take great delight in deriding the opposition to Global Warming Climate Change.  All means to an end.  Our end most probably.
Freedom of the Press?  Sometimes I wonder how we could all be so stupid (although some more than others of course).


"Damn, the Press. Best be careful"




3 responses

29 10 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Mediawise is a Common Purpose organisation. Fact.

29 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Doesn’t surprise me, seems they’re like rats.

We’ll need to purge these bastards from the system, they cannot be trusted no matter what.

12 04 2010
BNP | NUJ instigates the hachets « My mindless mind mindlessly minding

[…] NUJ’s fake charity MediaWise have got to have a hand in this mass operation on the Nationalist movement.  For more on NUJ and MediaWise, see my earlier post HERE. […]

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