Jackie “Jackboot” Smith on Question Time

30 10 2009

thanks to Liarpolitians for uploading this.

Jackie “Jackboot” Smith – absolute bitch that she is trying to wiggle out of it.  And they wonder why we hate them?  £116,000 for Christ’s sake!  That’s more than the taxes I’ve paid in the system!  Gone, just like that!  Why the fuck am I paying taxes when this hairy runt is pocketting it!?!

I’m not a violent man (except Millwall away games of course but that’s different), yet I would pound the living shit out of that fat pig Jackie!

If you’d like to see her swing from the gallows, vote BNP.  If you can’t stomach that, vote anyone except the Conservatives, Labour or Liberal Democrats.

We want Our Country back!


"Jackie "Jackboot" Smith is our hero"




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