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1 11 2009

British Nationalist found an interesting letter in that old dinosaur known as the Guardian.  Okay it is from someone named Tony Samphia and anyone with a name like that doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.  Sounds like a fucking mobster from the Sopranos for Christ’s sake!

Something is missing from the debate about the BNP (Letter, 24 October).  Surely the only effective way of stopping its rise is to ban it?  We cannot go on pretending such a step would damage our liberal democracy.  Would proscribing these groups really give the extreme right-wing more of a publicity coup than they have had in the past week?  Instead of having to challenge fascists on the streets and in TV studios, which we must while their existence is legitimized by the state, I would rather enlist the help of our democracy’s security forces to deal with what would inevitably be their ever-decreasing, illegal numbers.  Until we take this decisive action, I fear the BBC episode will not be the last.

Tony Samphier, London.

I love the way this mobster has stated “our” excluding those horrible people in the “extreme right-wing” of politics.  Also the use of the word fascist, such a pointless word with so many different meanings that it must be the artist formerly known as Prince of the dictionary.  The Establishment won’t ban the BNP, it’ll be the European Council banning every group that opposes them, as the “far-right” isn’t just about British Nationalism but across the would-be fiefdom of the European Union.  Nine nations at the last count are all reporting fears of the “far-right” rising and so if any prohibition is ordered, it’ll be from the Council.

Interesting times we live in but I guess people have said that in every decade.  Just a couple of more bits of different news now,  (don’t bother clicking the links as they are as tedious as the authors – just so people know I ain’t lying!) Seems Melanie Phillips has poked (with the help of her column) Ed Husain in the chest after he took offence (and declared it in a column) at Mel’s thoughts of the Muslim counter-groups to Anjey’s Sharistafarians (of course in another colum).  Still, it gives these journalists something to write about.

Although the (click on this one though by all means>>>)  Archbishop Cramer’s “John Bercow is part of the BNP’s raison d’être” is a great own goal by someone who is too small to go on all the good rides.  Class.  The BNP only need one MP (although I predict many), John BERKow will have to go!!!  Another reason to vote BNP, must thank that little berk if I ever see him.

That’s it for now, I’ve been very busy doing grown-up stuff and staying out of trouble (so I’m out of breath and thank Christ I’ve made it this far).


"Damn, why didn't they show? All that overtime, gone-God-damn-it"




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