David’s cast-iron Referendum promise just snapped

3 11 2009

I feel sick.  Sick of the European Council.  Sick of the cheerleaders such as the Beeb.  Sick of the Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum pantomime that is Politics.  Sick of the lies, threats and filth the Elites propagate.  And most of all, sick of all the gloating, especially when done by the BBC, the bastards!

I posted a few times before about the Beeb and even sent a complaint once (although this may have bordered on “hate mail” so may not count).  They’re still rubbing my nose in it though so I think I’ll attach my next letter of complaint to a brick and ensure some BBC bigwig gets it personally.  I shall keep my comments to myself for this video as without the swearing, is six words long and would look like  ‘you are… and deserve the noose’

The below video has my thoughts on as I am all sworn out so shouldn’t offend many.

The Conservatives, who will most probably gain power after the next election, promised a referendum and as I already knew, back-tracked and are now chatting about asking for some powers back.  That is correct, asking.  We have been betrayed and manipulated by the most Powerful Families in the World and may soon lose completely.

This is from Channel 4 news, many thanks to Liarpoliticians for uploading.  In this video, listen to William Hague droan on “now that the Treaty is going to become European Law and enter into force” with “the lost of British Veto’s” sprinkled in.  A fucking blind man can see where this is heading.

A piece of paper signed by a bullied elected President Klaus, listen carefully to the translation, it begins with “Good afternoon, good gloomy afternoon” and “had no choice but to sign”.  Did they really think we wouldn’t notice the lack of democracy that is apparent within the European Superstate?

And no EU news segment would be complete without our very own Saviour of the World, the one, the only (thank Christ!), Gordon “boom, boom, bust” Brown.  Moans that it has taken years to get this far and we should all forget bout it and get on with saving the World, I was expecting him to tear his clothes off revealing a badly stitched superhero costume with Gordon exclaiming a little catchphrase before leaping out the window to his impending doom.  Okay, I was hoping the last bit.

Philip Davies, a Conservative MP for Shipley who has called for a referendum in the past then gets an easy ride from Jon Snow.  Jon could hold Phil bang to rights on this matter yet doesn’t.  I’ve seen Jon quiz politicians many times and know he could have done much better here.


"Just think, a third of us British police will become EU police, I fancy Spain"





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