A Euronews Perspective on the EU

4 11 2009

Once again, thanks goes to Liarpoliticians for uploading this item from Euronews.  At 2.50mins, the newsreader gives a cople of interesting points that needs following up though.

The Treaty will come into force on December 1st 2009, “leaving weeks to recruit new figures”…  Devious bastards!

The “revamped” Union will give “more power” to Europe on the world stage creating 2 new jobs (doubt that’ll make a dent in the unemployment figures).  A “full-time president” and  “a powerful new foreign chief” appointed by the unelected European Council to improve “decision-making”…  Their treason knows no bounds the bastards!

And then one of the biggest lies about Europe ever perpetrated, “that old quip, if people wished to speak to Europe, who do they call” is total bullshit.  The English speaking world prefers to speak to Britain and the rest of the world seem to prefer the French (the Argietines and Iraq did anyway).  Lumping us all together as one block is stupid and dangerous for a whole raft of reasons.

Our National Parliaments will be reduced to be nothing more than an oversight commitee and act in  subsidiarity, which is the principle that political power should be exercised by the smallest or least central unit of government,  a fancy word for Outsourcing decisions to more Government-funded quangos maybe?

Although the European Council may have left a gaping loophole.  Seems they’ve adopted the Swiss model of people power, so if more than one million “EU citizens” banded together, they could ask for new legislation to be put forward.  Five-hundred million people in the EU, surely at least half want out of the European Fascist State?  If so, by December 2nd, the EU will have to contemplate it’s own dissolution.  At least it’ll be in the record books as the Shortest Lived Empire in History.  One can hope at least.

And Euronews also delights us with “introduces a.. formal.. possibility.. for a country to leave the EU…” then cut to a scene of the European Golden Stars’ flag being hoisted up, “the conditions are not specified”.  The carrot and stick approach.  Dangling the Holy Grail of carrots of gaining freedom peacefully while the EU set about sharpening their sticks.

We need out of the European Union for a million and one reasons.  They have lied to us, cheating us out of our Birthrights.  The European Council reminds me of a cheating wife.  Imagine your wife owning up to only wanting you as you were a prize and has been sleeping with every other man, women and even children in Europe “while on business” talking you down every chance she got.  The problem we have is that the European Council don’t see it like that.  They see cushy jobs and higher ideals than us mere peasants could comprehend.  They have their experts and their backers and their dependents to worry about, we are just a means to an ends.





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