A walk through Peckham

4 11 2009

This is the main shopping street in Peckham.  As the title suggests, it is now an African colony and has slowly become what we would class as the third world.  Southwark council actually runs a service for changing light-bulbs for the newcomers as they do not understand the simple plug in and click.  I seen some of the folk that arrive where with stone-age tools would be too advanced for them.

uploaded by Islam666AntiChrist.

UPDATE: Original Videos posted by AlanSugar1 has been suspended (along with his channel sadly) so have replaced it with the above video.  Most probably the title.  If he had used “The Wonderful enrichment of Peckham”, would have been entered into Cannes and judged a cultural iconic piece of film of our times.





One response

4 11 2009
Sir Henry Morgan


I’ve just nicked those two films for my new game – Find Whitey.



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