Community Leadership Fund cash allocation

4 11 2009

This little gem can be found on the They Work For You website, one of the best resources for keeping tabs on our employees.  For some background information, The Community Leadership Fund is a project to combat extremism by “investing” taxes into anyone willing to take a few kids of the street.  And by the numbers involved, another reason we’re in the shit.  Check out this list of organisations that will receive our £££ in the next couple of years.

  • Al-Khoei Foundation
  • Al-Manaar
  • Ashram Housing Association
  • Bold Creative
  • Bradford Police Club
  • British Muslim Forum – They have a forum as well as a council now?  How is creating a us and them situation going to aid community cohesion?
  • Business in the Community
  • Chiltern District Council
  • Citizenship Foundation
  • Dervish Arts
  • Ethnic Minority Benevolent Association – Words fail me, do immigrants need State-Sanctioned good-will more than anybody else in need?
  • Faith Matters (three separate projects)
  • Gateshead Interfaith Forum
  • GW Theatre
  • Halton Borough Council
  • Henna Foundation
  • Kali
  • Karimia Institute
  • Khayaal Theatre
  • League of British Muslims – A league as well!?!  Blimey, next you’ll be telling me they have Sharia Courts operating in the UK.
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board – Got to pay off the Community Leaders to ensure peace.
  • Muslim Welfare Association – Again, why the special attention?  This is what drives me to frustration, all the special State sponsored help that is given to anyone in a minority group and so, contributes to the resentment people call racism or bigotry.
  • Muslim Women’s Network UK
  • Muslim Youth Helpline
  • Rahabar Trust with the Urdu Times
  • Somali Family Support Group
  • The Dialogue Society
  • The Prince’s Trust – Thought it was called the Prince’s Trust, should be called the fucking Public’s Trust seeing how we’re part-funding it, fully if we still paying the Royals for being the Royals.
  • Three Faiths Forum
  • Timebank (One20)
  • Ulfah Arts
  • Unity FM
  • Urban NexusY
  • orkshire and Humber BME Panel
  • Zakat Trust (Islamic Society of Britain)
  • Zakat Trust (Young Muslims UK)

And the cost for this project will be £1,612,553.16 for the 2009 -10 financial year along withe another £1,024,179.00 the next one meaning over £2.5 million of our money going to these dubious organisations till 2011.  Now I’m sure all these do a valuable job doing whatever the fuck they do, but why on Earth should I be expected to put up with this?

And finally, one guess whose grubby little paws are over this.  Shahid “disgraced not once but twice” Malik, another stupid bastard taking us for a ride.  Notice how most, if not all of the above listed are “Islamic” in some shape or form.  Just like Blair paid off the IRA, those at the top are trying to appease the foreign hordes hoping that they’ll be eaten last.  Either through greed, cowardice or out-right stupidity our leaders have failed.

These people deserve to swing at the gallows, not be entitled to second homes and a fully taxpayer-funded lifestyle!!!





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