The Truth about the European Project

4 11 2009

A short and simple acoount of the European Project, well worth the watch.  Explains the origins and process we’re witnessing now. Another great upload by JustProud.  The moment I heard the accounts weren’t signed off eight years ago and subsequiently found out about the past unverifiable accounts, knew this Union was anything but a lie.  I have no proof so only a theory, as that money must have gone somewhere and am willing to guess that all those unaccoutable millions misappropriated from the EU Treasuary, didn’t go missing but used to soften tens-of-thousands, possibly hundreds-of-thousands European Government Officials and Representitives.

Vote the same, get the same.  Vote BNP and see the Traitors swing.


"Think of the overtime boys. All that dissent will need us Coppers"




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