Climate Change and why it’s BU££$HIT

5 11 2009

Firstly, a sacked individual has won the right to sue their former employer over his “environmental beliefs”.

Climate change belief given same legal status as religion

The second story involves the snake oil salesman, Al “I’m serial” Gore, who looks set to become the world’s first carbon billionaire (I thought they meant all the air miles he has accumulated during the course of him saving the world but no, they’re talking $$$ as usual).

Al Gore could become world’s first carbon billionaire

Now if I wanted to believe in fucking Father Christmas, then that’d be my business.  If I tried to force that belief onto my co-workers, then I deserve a chat aside and if I still insist on everyone leaving a cup of milk out for the fucker, deserve the boot.  Yet now Climate Change has been elevated to a religious status, the next logical step is to make it a “Hate Crime” to deny the State-sanctioned Climate Change explanation.  Even though we have had cooling and warming periods throughout Earth’s long history they still push the agenda forwards, Al continues to frighten little children into buying this crap.

This is just about finding new ways of redistributing money from the poor to the rich via taxation, maybe even a Global Tax this time.  We are only as free as our wallet affords and so to keep most of us in constant bondage, the Powers that Be have always sought to leave us all just enough to get by on, and so devised this multi-headed plan which will lead to the Copenhagen agreement and possibly a One World Government to oversee the commitments laid down.

So many pieces of paper that may signal our Civilisations doom, all in the name of Power for money is irrelevant to those that print it meaning this has always been about control of the planets real resources, from the mineral deposits lying beneath our feet to the Moon above our head, and the most important resource on this Earth is, us humans.

Guess the pen is mightier than the sword.





3 responses

5 11 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Well, that arena I mentioned on Wigan for those two scumbags – why not give someone a pen, and me a sword, then put out US in that arena.

I think that would be a decisive answer to whether the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

What odds would Coral give?

5 11 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

This is the cherry on the cake though, they have taken over our Nation not with bombs nor bullets but 27 Head of State signatures.

We need Our Boys to be demanding to fly back home to restore Democracy here before trying to install it in Afghanistan!

Sickening is a word I’m using more often as it conveys my exact feelings on this whole sorry situation we’re in.

5 11 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Just had a brilliant idea – make the bloke with the pen Fat Al Gore. I promise I would do him a bit at a time. Lots of fat to slice off.

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