Two held after Fort Hood Shootings

6 11 2009

After a mass shooting in the largest military base in the US, resulting in 12 dead and 31 injured, has shocked America and Britain yet somehow, President Obama seems quite placid about this.  Surely, something like this should enrage the Commander-in-Chief of the United States’ Forces, afterall, it happened not only on US soil but on a US military base!

Thanks to SaxonLadyUK for uploading.

The shooter was shot dead at the scene and two others were arrested although details are sketchy at best.  The Authorities in charge have named the shooter as Major Malik Nadal Hasan but have not the released the names of the others arrested.

Now coming after Our Boys were murdered in Afghanistan by a snake-in-the-grass Afghan Policeman, it seems the enemy are not only within the gates, but bloody manning them.

Surely this is a situation that won’t do.  And I suppose the solution will be just as unpleasant.

Further reading can be had at the following:

Fort Hood shooting: 13 killed and 30 injured at US Army base – The Daily Telegraph

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan ‘said Muslims should rise up’ – The Daily Telegraph

Fort Hood shooting: suspect wounded but alive – The Daily Telegraph

Sickening behaviour of a man, no matter what their creed.  RIP Soldiers and God bless those left behind, they shall always be remembered.





One response

7 11 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

When the news first started breaking about a mass murder at the base, but before any further details were given, how many people can honestly say that their first thought about it WASN’T “bet it was a moslem”

I know it was my first thought, and also that of my brother in Australia

And were we right? … or were we right?

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