UNDP Nation’s league table

6 11 2009

The United Nations Development Programme published the following list which can be found here as I have only taken the liberty of reproducing the top 50.

First thing first and it seems the French are in 8th place for Christ’s sake!  And then Iceland, who are terrorists according to NuGov, are 3rd and for the love of God, how the heck did Luxembourg get 11th place.  Oh yeah, I remember, the mismanagement of Britain’s affairs over the last seventy years culminating into European submission.

Human Development League Table (published 2009 using data from 2007)

  1. Norway
  2. Australia
  3. Iceland
  4. Canada
  5. Ireland
  6. Netherlands
  7. Sweden
  8. France
  9. Switzerland
  10. Japan
  11. Luxembourg
  12. Finland
  13. United States
  14. Austria
  15. Spain
  16. Denmark
  17. Belgium
  18. Italy
  19. Liechtenstein
  20. New Zealand
  21. United Kingdom
  22. Germany
  23. Singapore
  24. Hong Kong, China (SAR)
  25. Greece
  26. Korea (Republic of)
  27. Israel
  28. Andorra
  29. Slovenia
  30. Brunei Darussalam
  31. Kuwait
  32. Cyprus
  33. Qatar
  34. Portugal
  35. United Arab Emirates
  36. Czech Republic
  37. Barbados
  38. Malta
  39. Bahrain
  40. Estonia
  41. Poland
  42. Slovakia
  43. Hungary
  44. Chile
  45. Croatia
  46. Lithuania
  47. Antigua and Barbuda
  48. Latvia
  49. Argentina
  50. Uruguay

The list is longer and contains all the usual suspects but I’m a Patriot who puts Britain first and foremost.  Once Britain is on the mend, then I may start expressing an interest for a charity rock concert to help the world, until then though, priorities are priorities.





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