Hardcore Islamist gets anti-terror job at Home Office

9 11 2009

Now you cannot simply believe this surely?  Even I am rubbing my eyes in disbelief.  This just cannot be true in the slightest.  Then again, Lord Ahmed, Baroness Warsi, Shahid Malik, and too many more have been given the token treatment to show how wonderfully multi-cultural the Liberal Elite are.  So why wouldn’t Salafism follower Asim Hafeez be appointed another token job to combat extremism?  If Gerry Adams is an employee of ours, why not some Islamic nutter who wants Islamic rule worldwide?

I tell you why if you still wondering.  BECAUSE IT IS A FUCKING IDIOTIC THING TO DO!!!

The Jewish Chronicle’s article “Hardcore’ Islamist gets top anti-terror post at Home Office” has the following gems in it (my take in red).

The appointment of Asim Hafeez as head of intervention at the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism has caused serious concern among more moderate Muslim advisers across Whitehall.

How many bloody “moderate Muslim advisers” have we got for God’s sake!?!  We don’t need them to advise us, we need them to advise their fanatical brethren not to cause trouble otherwise it will create massive resentment that may one day result in the expulsion of all Muslims, moderate or not.

Salafism is a strictly puritanical branch of Islam, often associated with Saudi Arabia. It does not promote violence, but does urge the creation of an Islamic state.

So doesn’t want to hurt us until Sharia Law is in place and it becomes a religious duty.  And that is okay because…?  It is fucking madness even allowing this “branch” of Islam on these shores, let alone give one gainful employment in the Government.

The new Home Office adviser is reported to have raised eyebrows at his new department during the Muslim festival of Ramadan, when he lectured guests at a reception about the benefits of fasting. Before his appointment at the Home Office, Mr Hafeez worked as an adviser to the Welsh Assembly, government where he had a reputation for his strict views on Islam. He also regularly lectured on Islamic issues at Welsh universities.

Eat, sleep and talk Islam this chap so we know which team he is on at least.  One thing I can be sure of though, is I’m never going to invite him to be an after-dinner speaker at one of my famous-get-togethers.  EVER!

NuGov and the clones in the wings just can’t stop themselves from giving people more and more reason to be resentful towards eachother.  Think of all those who fled the tyrannical regimes of Islamic states to find their brethren screaming for it to happen in Britain and why they remain silent.  I think the moderates are just as fearful of the Jihadists as the general population, and I mean the true moderates, not those that are armchair warriors and there are plenty of them.  And worst of all, our Government is doing what they always do, they try to appease those who use terrorism.  That is the ONLY reason terror attacks are on the increase, for every attack that succeeds in getting a Nation to compromise only encourages more.  The terror groups today look at what the ANC and the IRA has achieved in their bombing campaigns and see it as a viable and lawful action.

There is only two ways to fight a war.  One is to wage total war and win.  The other is to lose.  And of course war is evil, but always the lesser evil when it comes to the defence of Our Nation, and I’m not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan but Britain herself.  We have given asylum to an average of 700 young Afghan males per week since the start of the war, so soon there won’t be any insurgents in Afghanistan but possibly on a council estate near you, plotting our collective demise.

When will we have a Churchill moment?  Or are we doomed to carry on as Chamberlain and sail into the abyss?





3 responses

10 11 2009

Found you courtesy of MrMcBrit on the main site.

Another blog for my favourites list.
Well done for some interesting articles.
I see you were honoured by a visit from OH on the 10th. !!!
Keep up the good work. Loved the Peckham article.

10 11 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Much obliged. Stuck deep within the enrichment and feeling poorer everyday of it.

OH has even put me in his cockwaffle list, Gawd’bless’em.

And I plan to do a lot more Peckham orientated articles in the future, just finding the time with the amount of despicable acts that occur daily to comment on at the moment.

10 11 2009

Sorry should have been London Patriot….and MrBrit1666. That comes of having lots of pages open. 🙂

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