CNN – The islamic threat

13 11 2009

Don’t remember the BBC doing anything of similar depth.  Many thanks to SaxonLadyUK for another great upload.

I know they’re in the minority but what if they become the majority?  Multi-Culture has never worked.  If we must have immigrants, at least only let in those that are willing to adapt to our ways.  If we do not, we will only face culture clashes, not a cultural utopia where we all hold hands discussing how wonderous it is being so different as the Social Engineers would have us believe.

Remember the Governments past and present that began our nightmare.  Remind everyone you know daily of the failings of multi-culture and EU Rule.  Keep reminding them until election day.  Get involved in the counting or supervisory positions in the elections, and if not possible, form a posse and guard the ballot boxes.  And if in a posse, check the “spoilt” ballots afterwards for too many have been for my liking.

Your Freedom is at risk.  Defend it with all your might.





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