European Corruption given Green Lights

13 11 2009

The European Project could only have been achieved by the ambitious, greedy or stupid stooges such as Tom Wise, who previously was given the all clear by the European Parliament’s authorities before the British Police got involved (most probably at the behest of NuGov).

The Telegraph is carrying the story under the headline:

Expenses fraud MEP Tom Wise was given ‘all clear’ by European Parliament

Tom Wise, the former MEP sent to prison for stealing expenses, was given the ‘all clear’ in a cover up by the European Parliament’s authorities before other fraud investigators called in the British police.

And what Farage then informs us “The parliament looked into it and he was cleared. Obviously, the parliament suppressed it because of the fear that it was happening in hundreds of cases” and “There have been changes to the expenses system since then but they are cosmetic and I suspect there are still many cases of fraud”, so another Westminster then, although this time, more pigs.

We’re still waiting for justice on our shores sadly and will continue to wait if the Tories get in.  If NuGov wins another term under Brown, there’ll be Civil War for sure as I’m not suffering another five years of shite.





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