Hung Parliament or Labour Government?

15 11 2009

Now I am not alone in wanting to hang most of the crooked Parliamentarians currently residing in one of two homes (three if loyal).  However, the question is what would be better, having a hung Parliament consisting of the “lunatic fringe parties” or another five years of NuGov with their supporting acts, the Liberty Takers and the ConservingThemselves?

It is a rhetorical question for me as I would prefer a hung Government, for the simple fact is, too much power resides in the EU controlled Westminster so a hung Government would be more inclined to dilute the powers accumulated by our past successive Governments (which surely means having to leave the EU).

But Ken Clarke, who being the EU stooge that he is, has stated that he’d prefer another Labour term, stating that “in the middle of an acute national crisis a hung parliament would be one of the biggest disasters we could suffer … that would be a bigger danger than a Labour victory”.

Which national crisis are we talking about?


The financial crisis created (and inflated) by NuGov & Co?

Euro_communist_nazi beware

The Sovereignty issue regarding the EU crisis aided by NuGov & Co?


The War in Afghanistan crisis instigated by NuGov & Co?

These turncoats are the whole fucking reason why we’re in the shit, helping their major backers find new ways of extracting money from us.  So they’re not about to change tunes and start defending us Britons.  So it is surely time to put the Old Party System to bed and there is surely no better way to start than to have a hung Parliament.

Only then would a Coalition Government look to dilute the power accumulated by previous powers and for that to happen, we would need an instant withdrawal from the European Union.  So instead of European Political Centralisation that will continue to concentrate more power into fewer hands, we should be looking at British Political Localisation with as many Public Officials being elected directly by those who they serve as desired.

And only when we get to elect those who directly affect us will the people truly get the Government it deserves.





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