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16 11 2009

Scanning the local paper I came  across the following article in the South London Press.  Southwark Council have moved 2,000 staff (another few million pounds for sure) into new premises at 160 Tooley Street near London Bridge, signing a 25 year lease worth £125m yet Tim McNally complains about a poxy £35,000?

Southwark spends £35k on TV screens

A TOWN hall has spent £35,000 on TV screens for its new headquarters, it has emerged.

The Lib Dem/Tory-run Southwark council moved into the offices in Tooley Street earlier this year.

The move led to council office outposts across the borough being closed and 2,000 staff being moved to London Bridge.

The premises costs £5million a year in rent and millions have been spent kitting it out.

The bill includes equipping the offices with state-of-the-art flatscreen televisions.

Councillor Peter John, opposition Labour group leader, said: “The council has already wasted millions of pounds on the move to its brand new offices.

“The news that it has spent a further £35,000 on top-of-the-range TVs so that staff can watch the news is frankly outrageous.”

Councillor Tim McNally, Southwark executive member for resources, said the cash outlay was “standard office practice” for a modern organisation.

He said: “Screens located on the upper floors are for AV use – replacing the need for projectors.

“The screens on the ground floor directly support our training activities and general communication to staff and visitors.”

£35,000 is nothing compared to the yearly rent of £5m a private Landlord (who happens to be HSBC in this case) when  Southwark Council own plenty of buildings throughout the area meaning is more suitable in serving the local communities by spreading out, not concentrating all that spending power at London Bridge for fuck’s sake.

The Council say this will save £20m yet fail to state how (“2,000 staff from 70 council buildings are moving into one office on Tooley Street, SE1 saving around £20million”).  They bellow out loud that the Council Tax has only risen 12% in the last five years yet fail to mention all the money pumped in from Central Government to prop us up to stop the disenchanted from shooting butchering each other.  Seems corruption and incompetence is in every Public orifice if you look hard enough, and Southwark is no exception.

I will do a profile shortly on the named players.  And to be honest, I didn’t know there were so damn many parasites Officials…  I think I may need another recount of who we are up against.




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1 03 2010

hi jack…would love to have a list of corrupt southwark council officials..[as] promised…too many white british children are finding it very hard to get housing oppertunities in bermondsey and it logical to assume that ethnic minorities , both white and non-white are recieving preferential treatment when it comes to housing oppertunities. I would also deeply appreciate it if you could give me percentages of how many black ‘minorities’ [if that is still the case,] are employed by southwark council itself.
cheers mate..
Maybe your next exposee could give us the percetages….

1 03 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Workforce Report 2007-08 for you if you’re truly interested.  If you’re not, around 53% of the workforce are from a white background.

Finding a housing report stating the nationality, let alone the shade is nigh on impossible.  From living here for twenty-eight years, it has got more foreign I would say.  Then again, I am biased.

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