What will you give the Government for Christmas?

17 11 2009

Seeing that the Government is full of crooks, thieves and nincompoops who can’t count to five, I would just line them up and have them shot by firing squad (I’m a terrible shot).  But a group whose origins began at the Home Office has a rather novel idea.

Stuck for charity gift at Christmas? Give to the Treasury

If you are stuck for an ethical gift this Christmas, you should consider donating money to the Treasury, according to a leading charity.

The Charities Advisory Trust, which pioneered the idea of giving a goat for Christmas, has broadened its definition of good causes to include HM Treasury.

In its Christmas Good Gifts Catalogue, alongside watertanks for African schools and trees for British woods, there is a £20 voucher to “Whittle down the National Debt”

Dame Hilary Blume, the director of the charity, came up with the idea. “I may be the maddest person in Britain, but I thought it would tickle people’s fancy,” she said.

Though she admits the idea is “jokey” she herself intends to give £120 worth of the vouchers to her children and her grandchildren. “I don’t care what my five-year-old granddaughter thinks of the gift, as long as she says thank you,” she said.

The catalogue says: “Why lumber your descendants with a staggering debt burden? Now is the time to start reducing the National Debt in their names (and their interest). A wonderful present for children and grandchildren.”

It is unclear what the Treasury itself thinks of the idea of being classed as worthy of charity, but Dame Hilary insisted that all money donated would end up in the Treausury’s coffers.

So far £500 of the vouchers have been sold – not quite enough to make a dent in the national debt, which currently stands at £825 billion.

Let me get this straight.  The debt that this Government ran up financing their silly arse plans and at the same time enriching their allies, a “Charity” (another word that has been tarnished forever) that has recieved funding in the past from Government and their crooked money men no doubt, suggest that this Christmas we dig into our pockets and give the crooks another £20?

A little background check on Dame Blume brought this beauty up, “Aged 55, has spent entire career in charity sector. No experience of private sector. Director of Charities Advisory Trust, which provides advice and services – such as Christmas cards – to smaller charities” and explains it all.  A professional parasite who has spent her entire life providing for the needy while inflating her own self-worth (while somehow I’m sure our taxes are taking a hit somewhere along the line).

Firstly, the Charities Advisory Trust is not a charity just because it donates to others, I have donated money (although usually pennies – I am poor) but that doesn’t make me a charity.  Secondly, if HM Treasury didn’t fuck up in the first place, we wouldn’t be £825 billion in debt.  Thirdly, of course you have bought them vouchers, you are most probably handsomely rewarded for your services and no doubt this £20 item will just be a stocking filler.  And lastly, £500 worth?  Are you freaking kidding me!?!

I need to lie down.  With so many idiots around, is it any wonder we’re neck-deep in the brown stuff?  We’re doomed due to the devious nature of the few and the stupidity of the many.




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