Peckham: Criminally Vibrant

18 11 2009

Seeing as Peckham is only famous from Only Fools ‘n’ Horses (and a lot of despicable crimes) thought it best to dispel some rumors.  Firstly, there is no Mandela House, there is Mandela Way nearby.  Secondly, we probably have more illegal immigrants (including over-stayers) per square inch than any other place in London.  Thirdly, Del Boy wouldn’t recognise the place.

Crime figures for Southwark Council 2008- 2009

Peckham is full of crooks with less manners than a rabid rottweiler.  Wasn’t always like that.  Sure we had crooks, and yes they were sometimes vicious, but today’s street kids who want to be the next 50 cents along with the Turkish/Eastern European looking mobsters don’t make for one big happy family.  Still, at least car theft is down (although from them is up a little).

Households    122,000

Population    274,000

  • Violence against the person    32.6  (per 1000)
  • Sexual offences    1.5
  • Robbery offences    7.0
  • Burglary dwelling offences    7.2
  • Theft of a motor vehicle offences    4.0
  • Theft from a vehicle offences    11.1

And this is just some of the criminal offences the Police know about.  If I was a grass I could justify a direct phone line to Crime Stoppers but fuck that, I don’t want to be a statistic in next year’s results.

The Ethnic make-up of Peckham (from 2001 census)

Peckham the most ethnically diverse borough in the UK.  The ethnic breakdown according to the 2001 Census which is way out of date, although going by UK Border Force (I’ve seen a few and all the African illegals seem to be heading to Peckham so Lord only knows how many are really here.

  • Black African – 35.67%
  • White British – 25.73%
  • Black Caribbean – 15.45%
  • Other White – 4.58%
  • Other Black – 3.58%
  • Chinese – 3.51%
  • Other Asian – 2.14%
  • White Irish – 1.93%
  • Mixed White-Black Caribbean – 1.86%
  • Bangladeshi – 1.25%
  • Other Mixed – 1.17%
  • Mixed White-Black African – 1.08%
  • Indian – 0.69%
  • Other South Asian – 0.68%
  • Mixed White-South Asian – 0.35%
  • Pakistani – 0.33%

Ever fancy visiting Africa but can’t afford the flights, visit Little Lagos here in Peckham.  Esperance all the culture Africa has to offer, from fake passports to a dose of TB, it’s all here.  Except the sunshine, manners and comfort of an African wildlife Safari.

So if you’re still thinking of moving to Peckham, let me know where from and we can maybe do a swap.  If you don’t like heights, don’t bother, although the lift works, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve got a pair of wellies.




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