Another MP to be charged

19 11 2009

Oh joy behold, seems we can add Harriett Harman to the list, although not over expenses but “is facing charges of driving without due care and attention” and also NuGov’s very own Statute Law of “driving while using a hand-held mobile telephone”.

The incident involving Ms Harman happened in Dulwich on July 3rd 2009 where she collided with a parked car at the side of the road and famously shouted out to witnesses, with mobile phone still in hand, “You know where to find me”.  This is all “alledged” of course with Ms Harman strongly denying these charges.  Although taking into account that I wouldn’t trust her if she told me the sky was blue, I won’t wait for the court’s verdict and pronounce her guilty as I just cannot believe anything she says.

The consequences Ms Harman faces if found guilty (which is unlikely) is possibly a fine of up to £6000, penalty points imposed on her driving licence, or even a court could ban her completely from driving.  She’ll get off it though I’m sure.  They always do, they’re the Politico Class.

Only six MPs & Peers are “facing charges” for their expense claims out of a possible 450 that should be.  And the bastards are still continuing this fraud for fuck sake as they know most of them will be voted out.

Going by past prosecutions of Our Politico Class, Baroness Scotland for example, given a poxy £5,000 fine for breaking a Law she crafted and allowed to keep her job, Peter Mandleson, all round crook disgraced time and time again yet still worms his way back into priviledge, all the failed MPs will end up in nice little cushy non-jobs.  Lazy conniving bastards the lot of em.

And we really are stuck with them.




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19 11 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Seen the latest film I posted (it’s on Green Arrow too) at Wigan?

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