Zimbabwe’s PM Tsvangirai Southwark Cathedral visit

20 11 2009

Inside footage of Southwark Cathedral hosting the Zimbabweans.  What was once the food basket of Africa to what is now just a basket case of a nation is some feat, even by African standards.  I feel nothing but pity for what once was a beautiful country, I’ve known many of all colours who have fled the violence, even known some not to gain asylum who have ended up in South Africa and that seems to be heading the same way.

Every now and then it happens.  Even Millwall Football Club isn’t immune, although even I don’t mind international matches being played there. Although I would prefer England v Brazil, us Real Lions would cheer the Three Lions on…  but I suppose Ghana v Senegal is a start.

Also managed to find a couple of pictures too.  Including a couple of Superstars (although I don’t rate Diouf much, still better than me mind).

And also one of a dedicated fan who traveled all the way from Hollydale Road, Peckham to the Den on Zampa Road (about ten minutes walk).  And the dedication of these national teams to travel to the fans is on an equal par, with some of the players coming from as far away as Chelsea.

They can’t chant for love or money though.  I shiver to think what a full house would’ve sounded like with all that feet-stamping and screaming, yes, screaming like teenage girls gone wild.  And why wouldn’t they when they have a little bit of home brought to Southwark.  Probably over-excited by it all.

Just hope we can count on their FIFA votes for England’s World Cup bid for 2018.  Will be back to slagging off the Establishment soon enough, I do like to poke around the neighbourhood once in a while though.




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