Marxist Labour

21 11 2009

Frederick Forsyth has written an interesting piece in the Daily Express showing that Labour are, as they have always been, traitors.


MOSCOW”s Jack Jones’ friends are still among us.

By their friends shall ye know them, ” runs the saying and pretty true it is.

There’s an old man of 88 in Moscow called Anatoli Chernyaev and he has just lived to see the discovery in an archive and translation into English of his secret diary. So what?

Who is, or was, Chernyaev?

Well, for nearly 20 years in the Seventies and Eighties he was the Moscow Comintern’s covert linkman to the British Labour Party and what he reveals is quite an eye-opener. We are not talking about already-named spies like Anthony Blunt. What he exposes are the giants of Labour and the trade union movement who worked as “agents of influence” for Moscow and the KGB.

One of them was Jack Jones, trade union boss and once voted the most powerful man in Britain.

He was a spy and paid for it. When he died recently Gordon Brown delivered a glutinous personal tribute. Why?

Well, it was Jack Jones’s influence, along with other grandees of the party, who secured Gordon Brown his utterly safe seat at Kirkcaldy. There were others around then, all Labour’s bright young stars such as Blair and Mandelson (former Young Communist League), who, although south-based, got rock-solid working-class seats in the north. But so what? Isn’t that all now long-past history? Maybe, maybe not.

WHAT Chernyaev’s diaries reveal is that all Britain’s Marxists, KGB agents and fellow travellers had identical attitudes to government as (in the trade unions) they rigged ballots and intimidated opponents into submission or ruin

Let me list nine of these attitudes.

Deep suspicion of outsiders, loathing of democratic debate, manic secrecy, willingness to character-assassinate those who disagree, love of bureaucracy, preference for behind-closed-doors deals, reliance on a small group of trusted fanatics, ability to lie and lie and lie, and contempt for Parliament and the voters who create that Parliament.
But surely that was 30 years ago?

The trouble is, teachings well taught never die. The eager young pupils then are the cream of Labour today. Old Labour pretends it has become New Labour to kidnap the middle-class vote. But just run your eye over those nine attitudes of the Marxist teacher and KGB spy Jack Jones once again.

Are they not exactly the tenets by which we are governed today?

Do you not recognise every one of them as you look around? Has the ambition of the Comintern to destroy our old democracy not been more than half-achieved?

One last point. Are not these same nine practices exactly the same with which the grandees of the EU govern Europe? Were not the founding fathers of the EU all drawn from the ranks of the European hard Left? And are not Britain’s practitioners of the nine principles also our country’s most passionate EU-fanatics?

Of course it could all be one enormous coincidence. Or maybe not. Certainly the principles of Attlee, Gaitskell and Callaghan are dead as the dodo.

Back then there was no question mark over the primary loyalty of the Labour leadership. I wish I could say the same today.

With the release of Chernyaev’s dairy, it is plain to see which side NuGov is on and the reasoning behind their keen determination into packing us off into the Marxist-inspired European Superstate.




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