BNP 2010 Election Broadcast (Unoffical)

22 11 2009

Excellent video from BoycottIslamUK showing how Labour are “helping” African and Asian deprivation.  Labour’s immigration policies (and the West in general) encourage a brain-drain from developing countries creating foreign aid dependent, thus exploitable, Nations.

And we all know the Fabian/Marxist/Fascist inspired NuGov love to make us peasants beg, so I’ll presume that having a whole country on their knees is a bit of a love-fest for them.  With Labour’s open door policy in the last dozen years, the chances of famines, pandemics and genocide in the developing world and the more displacement here on the Western world.

A constant inequality perpetuated by the very people who profit from such an arrangement.  Government departments, Law firms, Travel firms, organised gangs, employers and all at some point need translators.  The system that serves the immigration industry is the same system that encourages it.




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