An act of treason

24 11 2009

Neil Kinnock is a traitor if this is true.  And the allegation is serious enough to warrant a thorough investigation into this matter.

Many thanks to ukipwebmaster for uploading.

But of course his European Masters will surely protect him.  For the entire Establishment is crooked, either though fear, blackmail, greed or just a sadistic mentality.

We need a total clear-out of all the Corrupted, no more NuGov, no more Tories and no more Lib Dems.  They have had more than enough time at the helm.  All the old parties are run by the same old men year in, year out so have the same plans year in, year out. Want change you can believe in, vote BNP.  Justice will be fair and swift.

Otherwise, we may have to resort to Mob-rule, plenty of rope and the decoration of our lampposts.  Enough is enough.  For if we cannot trust those who are sworn to protect us, what other option is there?




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